Areas where we can help in your Development Journey

To MVP and beyond

If you are starting out with your business idea, it’s always best to develop the base form of your product first; the bells and whistles can follow as your product sticks with your target users. This ‘Minimum Viable Product’ (MVP) can help you get insights on how to develop your product further. All of this can be made simpler with our dedicated team at NeoITO.

Websites, mobile apps, and more

Understanding where and how users best interact with your solutions is crucial for business success. With our team’s in-depth insight on user trends, you can make better-informed choices between mobile or web-based solutions that delight your target users. We ensure all your development needs get the best of what technology can offer.

Costs that never hinder your progress

We understand how development costs can cripple even the best of ideas. Our effort is to help you launch products within your budget and allocate funds efficiently for scaling up. With our seasoned team of developers and engineers, be assured to get your development efforts moving with insights that can help you comfortably plan for product launches and other overheads.

Assistance all along the way

Developing trailblazing products almost certainly comes with a lot more feature additions and maintenance as they pick up traction in their user segment. We ensure all our clients get continuous support on all fronts to improve their product line and reach a wider audience.

Why Work with NeoITO for your Startup product development?

User-centric approach

All our products are user-facing, which makes for intense research on market trends, usability testing, prototyping, and post-launch tests. We ensure that all our clients provide the best user experience for their customers, be that through well-designed products or through continued assistance.

We are Agile

Our focus is always on time-bound and iterative product/feature releases, making it super easy for clients to modify or pivot to meet user demands. This also ensures that you get to see clear progress in every sprint, and also have stable products at the end of the development cycle.

We are cross-platform compatible

Our experience working across industries has helped us gain a comprehensive understanding of what works and what doesn’t. What’s more, we can even help you optimize your product with proven methods from other platforms. Our team focuses on providing quality insights for you to create industry-leading products.

We understand startups

The startup world is a results-driven one. Our efforts are always targeted to make your startup experience the least stressful of them all. With a dedicated team to provide business insights to succeed in your target market, we provide the complete range of product development services and other allied assistance.

Top talents for top clients

With a very high bar of entry, we always have the best in tech to develop the products for all our clients. More than being tech-savvy, our team focuses on gaining inter-disciplinary wisdom that can help clients create products that truly delight their target customers.

Dedicated teams for specialized work

With talent ranging from designers to strategists, our emphasis is to develop collaborative environments that foster cross-platform development. As every client differs in their offering to their users, our effort is to bring the best teams for each project and deliver industry-beating products, every time.

Our Six Steps to Startup Product Development, and one for Continuous Revision


feasibility research


Planning and
timeline confirmation


MVP development


Alpha testing




Official launch


Dynamic optimization
based on feedback

Services We Offer

Developing products that truly delight customers requires a lot of planning and timely execution. Our team of expert developers, engineers, and business associates helps you make cost-effective decisions to launch products quicker than you expected.


Sketch your future product in every detail and impress investors or a target audience to start getting well-needed funding for your product’s future development and raise interest in your product.

MVP Development

Create your product or feature’s base form and start getting feedback from early users, understand user engagement, and gain early adopters to vouch for your continued success.

Product Redevelopment

Fine-tune or pivot your existing product to be better equipped for your target market. We’ll evaluate the viability of your product, its designs, and codebase, and recommend a path forward.

Product Design & Development

Design your product in full detail and develop prototypes built to stand the test of early adopters. Following the best practices in both design, development, and deployment, we’ll help you launch products that beat the market in your user segment.

Web Development

Design and develop engaging websites, tailor-made for your audience. Ensure their design language is aligned to your brand identity, all without costing you much to deploy for the world to see.

Mobile App Development

Deploy mobile apps that convert users to lifelong customers. Ensure each frame of your app is designed to exacting standards with superfast loading, elevating your brand’s credibility and sales across a wide range of users.

Enterprise Architecture

Plan, design, develop, and implement products within well-thought-out frameworks. Ensure everything you build is fool-proof and never behind schedule, and always have clarity in building delightful products.

Cloud Technology

Transform your business into cloud-based applications and elevate the operating speed of your app to the next level. We’ll make sure your apps are fast, secure, and scalable within an affordable budget.


Build full-stack IoT applications that are superfast in operation and packed with features that benefit your target users. Our team ensures that all processes follow a quick turnaround cycle while integrating multiple data streams to create even more possibilities.


Integrate the power of AI in automating your business to reduce overall load times and improve the computation powers of your application. We help you develop AI and ML solutions that simplify and fit your business model.

Startups of all kinds are our kind of people

With needs ranging from MVPs to enterprise-grade products, our clients span across the scale with the advantage of flexible pricing models to suit their requirements.


We help ventures that are starting out on their product journeys to explore their potential and direct their ideas into market-worthy products. From MVPs to apps that capture significant market share on their onset, projects in this stage usually require market testing that can help them elevate their business into a marketable venture.

Business Angels

Companies that have received angel investments to lift their product off the ground require focused attention to get the product released with a limited budget and within agreeable deadlines. We help such startups with timely intervention in technology and prototyping to ensure their product is the right fit for the market.

Venture Capitals

We help businesses that have outgrown their initial market to reach out to even bigger user bases with improved functionalities, improved technology additions, and even better user experiences for the complete range of customers that use the product or service.

Startup accelerators

We love companies that already have either a product or a range of products in line to be developed with features and other functionalities. At this stage, the product can be expanded to reach more potential users and develop into a stable market leader.

You can count on us!

Take a look at what our expert development team offers you.

Engagement models

Dedicated team

time & material


Size of project Large Medium to large Small
Duration Long Average to long Short and average
Client’s control High Medium Low
Budget Highly flexible Moderately flexible Fixed
Change Requests Possible during project implementation Possible during project implementation Possible after project completion
Time-frames Estimated Incremental Predefined
Team scalability Moderate High Low
Dedicated Resources Retained month on month Released after scope of work Assigned
Requirements Evolving Evolving Defined

We work with a range of industries for Startup product development