Shrinking Long Lines and Wait Times into Simple SMS Alerts

An award-winning queue management app that delights customers by enabling them to wait from anywhere and get notified when it's their turn via SMS


Node JS

Waitwhile has seen tremendous growth, scaling our revenues by 5X and tripling our number of paid customers. NeoITO has been a great development partner and an important contributor to our success

Christoffer Klemming

Founder & CEO at Waitwhile

Project Overview

Waitwhile was envisioned as a digital queue management platform that alleviated stressful wait times for customers and ensured they get notified just in time for service.

Our task
Framework Migration
Platform Scaling
Data Management


Ex-Googler Chris and his brother Jonas found an opportunity in customer queue management and decided to save millions of hours in customer wait times by enabling them to do useful work while waiting on online queues, optimized by ai.

The idea was well-received by their initial clients, but they soon realized the project required high-level expertise in handling a large number of users and scaling up without bottlenecks, all the while creating a memorable experience for logged-in users. That’s when we were approached.


The need for Waitwhile

We realized that Waitwhile had an immense potential to disrupt its domain, but was limited by its technology. With an imminent influx of new users to the system, Waitwhile had to scale up to handle a wider range of user needs.

Their current state of affairs was rooted in four fundamental flaws in the system

  • The framework was initially made on the first and outdated version of AngularJS
  • The MVP was prone to outages and had other crucial flaws limiting its initial client base
  • The existing platform wasn’t scalable and had to be built to handle an immensely large pool of customers
  • A growing platform requires expertise in multiple fronts, requiring a dedicated software team to be available at all times

The guys from Google already had a really decent app built on AngularJS. Our job was to take it to the next level. We migrated the app to the new version of Angular, migrated to Firestore and made Waitwhile highly scalable and performant. I was sure the team could pull it off. Waitwhile now has over 2M hits a month

Jishnu N Bhattathiri

Principal Engineer


The Result

  • A breakthrough platform with the fastest load times running on the latest version of Angular
  • Quickly adopted by Bestbuy, Mercedez Benz, Hartford Healthcare, and a number of other industry giants
  • The current version is 6x more profitable than the MVP
  • Received $12 million in VC funding from CR, which have famously funded Airtable, Zendesk, and DoorDash
  • Waitwhile’s latest customers include Facebook and LinkedIn

NeoITO helped WaitWhile to acquire a funding of $12 million in VC and getting clients like Facebook and LinkedIn. Jumpstart and Accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey With Us!

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