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Neoito is an ISO 9001:2015 certified web & mobile app development company based in India, with a significant presence of clients in USA and Norway. We build scalable web, mobile and desktop apps using Angular.

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Is Angular right for my project?

1. Video streaming apps: A host of video streaming apps like YouTube for PS3 and Netflix use Angular. Live video streaming apps allow diversifying the conduct of business presentations and reduce the distance between the seller and the buyer. Similar applications are a great way to hold conferences, interviews or presentations online. A high-performance application with an interesting interface will surely attract the attention of users.

2. Enterprise apps: Many enterprise apps such as Google Cloud blog, Paypal community, Microsoft Community, AT&T Community etc. use Angular. Angular is standardized and have a highly supportive and growing community which helps to provide a highly stable environment for enterprise apps.

3. Highly scalable web portals: and both use Angular as their basis. And it handle tons of posts, projects and chats each day. Using the same technology in your apps will increase the scalability and handle the tons of user interactions.

4. eCommerce: Many good Commerce marketplace sites have been built by the use of Angular. Today browsers and client-side applications (Single Page Applications) have become way more powerful. Angular gives you tons of flexibility, so you could create an awesome shopping experience client-side. Plus, multi-platform deployment is becoming easier and easier on Angular, making it a smart choice for omni-channels e-commerce setups.

5. Social apps: LinkedIn is famous enough to everyone. And the whole mobile part of it was built with Angular. Great productivity, better productivity and faster performance are the advantages of using Angular.

6. PWAs: PWA will dominate the future as it provides cross-platform compatibility with low budget. Also the ease of creation, installation and usage of PWA helps them to scale new heights. Forbes, Flipkart lite, Alibaba and many other modern websites are already using PWA.


Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. In 2014, the original AngularJS team began working on the Angular application platform. More at Wikipedia

Developer(s): Google
Initial release: 2.0 / 14 September 2016
Stable release: 6.1.2 / 8 August 2018
Preview release: 7.0.0-beta.1 / 8 August 2018
Written in: TypeScript
Platform: Cross-platform, modern browsers only
Type: JavaScript, Single page application framework
License: MIT

Notable examples of using Angular

American red cross
Google cloud
Google pay

Why choose Neoito for Angular development?

  • We understand what happens under the hood of Angular, where we delve into the framework for complex application
  • Thorough understanding of JavaScript, and it’s evolution over the years
  • Early adopters of Angular and AngularJS prior to that. Bottom line is we’re the best people to migrate your existing AngularJS applications to Angular
  • Extensive 3 month Angular training program before deploying them to customer projects. Hence you can be sure that you've got the best talent working on your app.
  • Our portfolio of lightning fast apps we’ve built using Angular
  • We follow the ng-style guide and maintain the same code quality as the Google developers in the Angular team.
  • For building enterprise web apps, there is no better choice than Angular.
  • To better the quality of apps we deliver, we use ngrx/store (a state library based on redux pattern) in all our projects to create state-aware enterprise apps.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Served global clients
  • Fast response to requests & critical response time guaranteed.

Angular projects we delivered

We’re proud to have worked with some amazing people and companies, and help them innovate and build products that their customers love.

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