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NeoITO's attention to detail and genuine interest in seeing us succeed were critical factors in helping us to create and foster a caring, dedicated business relationship that promises to yield more opportunities for collaboration in the future.

Adil Haneef

Founder, PropertyOK.com

Project Overview

PropertyOK was conceived as a platform to connect property buyers and sellers making seamless experiences possible for all stakeholders. The fully digital platform also lets customers quickly figure out properties and close more deals easily.

Our task
Web Development


Starting out back in 2015, PropertyOK had only one goal to push it forward – to make property listings truly accessible for customers. At the time, most other platforms that ruled SERPs were notorious for having irregular data which was rarely updated.

What was left for users were newspaper listings which were often not genuine, making the matter worse for customers to move into their dream homes. The need was clear; a portal or platform that could connect authentic sellers and buyers coupled with proper follow-ups and faster closing of property deals.


The need for Property OK

Searching for properties to move in is generally considered a time-heavy process, as there are too many things to be just right for a successful purchase. Like prospective buyers, agents also find it hard to use existing portals and platforms to reach out to genuine customers.

In effect, the need of the market was clear

  • A common platform for customers and agents to network freely and close more property deals
  • Provisions for following up with clients and ensuring all their needs are met the quickest way possible
  • Being more accessible also meant being more visible to users on search. So an easily reachable website with all the relevant information to initiate purchase was paramount for the platform’s success

While the PropertyOK team had a version of their website running on WordPress, it was soon evident that the website wasn’t capable enough to handle, convert, or perform well in Google search in its existing state.

NeoITO came in as a technology enhancer for PropertyOK, helping them become truly versatile in the property market and be the best performing property portals in the market today


The Challenge

Creating an accessible platform/website for property agents and prospective buyers to quickly close deals was the primary requirement of PropertyOK. On discussion with their team, we found 4 challenges that could potentially change the market opportunities for PropertyOK

  • The new platform should be both customer and client-friendly, making it more accessible for agents to add new properties and customers to find relevant listings
  • A top-performing website that ranks higher on Google search for property and geography-related keywords
  • Capability to handle large databases and quickly update them to create one of the most relevant property websites in the market
  • A well-designed CRM to help property agents to follow up with potential clients and offer better deals for faster conversions

The Neoito impact

We found that the existing website was limiting PropertyOK to fully realize its options in the property market, making a website revamp quite inevitable

  • We found that the existing website was limiting PropertyOK to fully realize its options in the property market, making a website revamp quite inevitable
  • The website was integrated with AWS to gain a much-needed performance improvement
  • Optimized SEO to make it the most easily searchable property website among target markets
  • A simplified admin panel to improve each listing page to be easily indexed and ranked in Google SERP

Property OK was looking for a user-friendly website to drive more conversions. We struck the right chord with the property sellers and buyers by revamping the overall performance of the website at every level, which drastically improved SERP ranking and conversion rates in record time

Darshana Parameswaran

Project Manager


The Result

PropertyOK now tops the list of organic listings in search results in specific geographies. With it's wide acceptance among agents and prospective customers, they are now a stable presence among property listing platforms in India

  • The average site score of PropertyOK is >90
  • Conversions have increased by over 130%
  • The company now grows 50% year on year
  • Since revamp, the PropertyOK team has grown more than 100% to broaden into more locations

NeoITO helped PropertyOK to boost their conversion rate by a whopping 130%, resulting in a 50% yearly growth. Now PropertyOK is one of the most preferred real estate platforms in India with expanding clientele

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