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Revolutionary businesses disrupt their industries. Others follow. There are still countless unexplored areas across industries that could shape customer experience with the right IoT app development.

Our Six Steps to IoT app Deployment, and one for Continuous Revision


feasibility research


Planning and
timeline confirmation


MVP development


Alpha testing




Official launch


Dynamic optimization
based on feedback

Our range of IoT Development Services

IoT development for all; happy customers overall.

Consult your IoT app idea

Check your IoT project feasibility and get expert help from our IoT consultants to build your IoT app.

Develop IoT apps

All set to get your IoT app to market? Accelerate your IoT development with our seasoned coders ready to build user-focused apps in record time.

Build solid backend & API

Strengthen your IoT app with the best in tech backend and API solutions. Deploy stable IoT apps capable of high volume traffic at affordable budgets.

Develop apps for IoT devices

Build IoT-enabled devices via apps to create a network of smart appliances for your users. Get help from our IoT team to launch your app today.

Build IoT Gateways

Create a central network for your users’ connected devices with custom IoT gateways. We help customers worldwide manage their IoT devices while maintaining world-class network standards.

End-End support for IoT Development

Rest easy with our continued support and maintenance of IoT apps that often require tech revamps to stay ahead in the market.

Develop IoT apps for wearable devices

Build IoT apps for smart wearables to collect, track, and analyze user data and deliver better insights to customers. Get in touch to develop intuitive apps that tick.

Deploy Voice-enabled IoT apps

Use the best-in-class IoT to design and develop voice-enabled apps that elevate device functionalities for your users.

Run custom Data analytics

Our development team can help you build device networks that generate insights for your IoT devices to make data-driven decisions, make corrections, or/and automate processes.

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Engagement models

Dedicated team

time & material


Size of project Large Medium to large Small
Duration Long Average to long Short and average
Client’s control High Medium Low
Budget Highly flexible Moderately flexible Fixed
Change Requests Possible during project implementation Possible during project implementation Possible after project completion
Time-frames Estimated Incremental Predefined
Team scalability Moderate High Low
Dedicated Resources Retained month on month Released after scope of work Assigned
Requirements Evolving Evolving Defined

The best and Relevant Technology stack of our IOT apps




4g Lite

gsm network (2g/3g & sms)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it better to outsource IoT development?

IoT is a constantly evolving domain that requires teams that are willing to modify their offerings regularly. Our IoT team at NeoITO ensures applications to be cross-platform ready and accessible across a wide range of devices. Coupled with flexible budgets and quick launch and updates, businesses can focus more on user research and leave the tech to us.

How do I start a project with your team?

All it takes is a call with our team to discuss your app idea and fix a tentative deadline and budget for your project. As soon as they’re ready, a team of IoT engineers can either be assigned or hired based on their expertise and the project can be commenced as quickly as possible.

Is it expensive to build an IoT app?

It depends on the level of features and the market you want to capture with your IoT application. Project budgets can be much lower if you require only a working MVP with basic features and functionalities to target early adopters. Projects with market-leading features may require more time to develop as they will require a lot of different functions to be developed, tested, and integrated to be used by a wide range of users.

How is NeoITO unique from other vendors out there?

Our development culture at NeoITO allows engineers to test their own ideas and find unique ways to solve user requirements. We’ve found that this has helped our clients build solutions that exceed their expectations and also find opportunities that were previously unseen which could have caused bottlenecks for their products in the future.

Do you provide continued assistance after developing apps?

Continued support and timely updates and maintenance are crucial for IoT applications to stand the test of successive waves of tech disruption. Our team of IoT developers and engineers constantly find ways to keep our projects market ready at all times and also implement timely adoption of new technologies to make applications quicker and more effective for users.

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