An Automated Tool to Help Businesses Manage their Reputation & Get more Customers


Project Overview

Dandy was envisioned as an NLP-driven tool that could weed out negative reviews from across platforms and progressively filter and remove spammy or false reviews.

NLP Tool Building
Ui & Backend


Fake reviews cost businesses $150+ billion a year. Dandy was looking to create a platform that helps businesses remove false and negative reviews to keep their reputation intact. They wanted to do this by removing fake or negative reviews and generating new positive reviews to help merchants win more customers. Alex Bellini, founder of Dandy, approached us to build a solution that automates review management.


The need for Dandy

Businesses thrive on reviews. While good reviews encourage customers, a bad or false review can drive them away, impacting their reputation and revenue goals. 

Dandy helped businesses address this issue through effective review management.

But only a completely automated review management system could help them scale to the next level and onboard new merchants with a broader customer base. 


The Challenge

Upon research, we found that customers who might benefit from Dandy have an ever-increasing customer base spanning across several platforms. This meant that feedback could come from anywhere, which can not always be catered to on a timely basis.

So there were three major challenges we needed to figure out to develop Dandy:

  • While signing up new customers, the number of reviews to be managed increased exponentially, limiting the scalability of the product. 
  • The product needed a faster revamp since customers were already signing up with Dandy. 
  • A completely automated review management tool handling massive amounts of reviews was the need of the hour for Dandy.

The Neoito impact

  • We iterated their initial idea and decided to build a full-fledged review automation tool. 
  • We built an NLP-driven tool for Dandy to automate the reviews of the merchants signed up on their platform within three months.
  • The tool analyzes each review to understand its tone to filter and remove spammy or false reviews. It can process thousands of reviews within a short period of time. 
  • A dedicated team of developers work on Dandy’s backend to ensure maximum performance of the review management system. 

Affordable, quick and professional. You guys have done a great job, and I defintely recommend Dandy for anyone looking for negative review management tool.

Kevin Burke

Owner, Atlantic Homes


The Result

Dandy is now one of the most scalable review management systems in its market segment. The tool has already processed more than 200,000 reviews in just a week.

  • The product is built on a highly scalable platform, enabling it to manage more reviews seamlessly as the customers grow. 
  • Customer signups have increased drastically ever since they rolled out the tool. The automated review management tool developed by NeoITO for Dandy includes several top-notch features to help businesses manage their reputation and attract more customers. The tool uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze the tone and sentiment of each review, ensuring that only genuine and positive reviews are showcased on the platform. 
  • It also provides businesses with real-time alerts for any negative reviews so that they can promptly address the customer’s concerns and prevent further damage to their reputation.
  • Additionally, Dandy’s platform provides businesses with powerful analytics tools to gain insights into customers’ feedback and preferences, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to improve their products and services.
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