Helping Founders Go
from Idea to IPO

First-time founders/ Early-stage startups

We accelerate your idea-to-product journey with a test-ready MVP that helps you gain early traction.

Scaleups/ Serial entrepreneurs

We will take the weight off your product revamp, helping you accommodate new users and scale 2x faster.

Businesses/ Enterprises

Feeling short of the right expertise to build your product? Hire our top-tier developers to either augment your in-house talent or as a dedicated team for your project.

How Mobile Apps unlock your business potential

Boost brand recognition

Higher engagement with customers

Accessibility from different platforms

Increase revenue and income

Excellent marketing tool

Worldwide customer acquisition

Business analytics

How we can help you?


Build customized and end-to-end solutions that are market-ready faster.


Set the dynamics of your product, whether you are looking to expand or lean we help you scale flexibly with expert insights that produce results.


Launch your app and stay relevant with our post-launch support services that will help you boost your growth.

What we do?

iOS Mobile App Development

Build iOS mobile apps that drive business growth with top-notch digital experiences and launch them on app stores with ease.

Android Mobile App Development

Increase your customer base faster with tailor-made, intuitive & user-friendly Android apps under a budget well within your grasp.

Cross-platform app development

Utilize the power of a single source code to run on multiple platforms with a faster time-to-market and drive ROI.

Native app development

Enhance UI/UX experience with the power of both Android and iOS apps to foster engagement with native apps that function offline.

Hybrid app development

Build feature-rich, ‘light weight’ & top-notch applications by leveraging the power of both native and web apps and reach more target users.

Tech consultation

Get advice from industry experts on efficient approaches to develop your app with battle-tested methodologies that deliver top results.

App Revamp

Turn concepts and prototypes into scalable apps that are user-centric and high-performing.

Why NeoITO?


Helping entrepreneurs build their ideas into high-end robust solutions without setting them back financially. From ideation to launch, we got you.

Complete transparency

Whatever we do, you will be a part of it. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

High-end technology adaption

We are not afraid to pursue new technologies to create better app experiences that thrive in the market.

Open interactions

Address your ideas and concerns freely with the team to ensure the best possible result.

High coding standards

You won’t find a single sub-par line of code in our product even with an eagle’s eye, and that’s the word from our QA team.


Our team works hand-in-hand to provide the clients with a skate-through experience from conceptualization to launch

Agile approach

Tackle business challenges quickly with our agile approach to development, which flexibly adapts to your changing needs.

Lightning-fast product delivery

Leverage the power of timely product release and get early adopters for your app with our on-time & fast product delivery.

Security compliance

We lock your data with solid security features so that no third party can peep into you or your client’s info without authorization.

Hire our mobile app development team with great flexibility

Dedicated team model

Easily augment your in-house talent or build a new team of top-tier developers to work on your project.

Fixed price model

Agree upon a price upfront and focus on building your app without distractions.

Part-time hiring

Save time & cost by hiring our top-tier developers part-time and accelerate your product development.

Hourly hiring

Employ a hourly workforce to help you through hurdles while building your app.


Years of app development experience


Successful App stories


Expert hands on deck


Companies Happy faces

You can count on us!

Take a look at what our expert web app development team offers you.

Engagement models

Dedicated team

time & material


Size of project Large Medium to large Small
Duration Long Average to long Short and average
Client’s control High Medium Low
Budget Highly flexible Moderately flexible Fixed
Change Requests Possible during project implementation Possible during project implementation Possible after project completion
Time-frames Estimated Incremental Predefined
Team scalability Moderate High Low
Dedicated Resources Retained month on month Released after scope of work Assigned
Requirements Evolving Evolving Defined

Need Mobile App experts?
Hire ours in just 4 steps

Send us your project requirements

Select candidates with relevant domain expertise

Interview candidates to ensure best fit

Get them on & speed up development

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to build an app?

This is based on the complexity of your app and the company you choose to build it with. Our array of experts will give you the price and deadline before we start with the project, and you can take that to the bank.

How long does it take to build an app?

That depends on the features, structure and stage of your project. The time taken can range from 1 to 6 months to launch the app. The team you choose to build the app can be a catalyst. We have 97% happy clients who experienced our lightning-fast service.

Which software is best for mobile app development?

Choosing the right technology is based on the project you are working on. For example, swift and objective-C is a good option for IOS app development, but not for all IOS app projects. The solution is to talk to experts and choose the right tech for your project. We have helped over 100 products, and our experts await your call.

How do I know my information is safe with NeoITO?

Creating a safe environment for clients to express their ideas is our top priority during meetings. Our non-disclosure agreement clearly safeguards the intellectual property of our clients.

Can I create an app on my own?

Anybody with an app idea can build an app independently with the help of no-code apps. But in order to include advanced and superior performance features, it is recommended to hire experts. That’s what NeoITO brings to the table. Our experts, who have over 100+ successful projects in their pockets, are here to help you.

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