Why MVP?

Get a headstart in the market with a scalable MVP

Building an MVP will help you understand if your idea is really worthwhile to the market. With an MVP ready, you can easily gather valuable customer feedback and make improvements to the product before spending a larger budget on your product development. As your complete MVP solutions partner, NeoITO can transform your idea into a scalable product faster.

  • Turn your idea into an MVP with key features
  • Test your product with early adopters
  • Receive customer feedback as fast as possible
  • Validate your product in the market
  • Launch your product faster at an affordable cost
  • Review market response & tackle the tech obstacles
  • Revamp the product with data-driven insights


Why Choose NeoITO as Your MVP Development Partner?

Seasoned developers

Build scalable and market-ready MVPs faster with our top-tier development team that has expertise in different tech stacks.

Agile approach

Proven agile strategies that help you reduce your time-to-market.

User-centric design

We design your MVP based on your user preferences and business needs to ensure you get a headstart in the market.

Wider industry expertise

Impeccable MVP development expertise across different industries.

On-time delivery

We deliver your project on time, helping you win early adopters and gain traction faster.

100% customer satisfaction

We always go the extra mile to meet your expectations and deliver your MVP the way you want it.

These Top Brands Started With an MVP!


You know Facebook’s journey from the dorm room of Mark Zuckerberg to one of the most profitable companies in the world with over a billion users. And Yes, it all started with an MVP for creating online profiles and messaging.


Before expanding globally and helping millions of people commute, Uber was first launched in San Francisco exclusively to iPhone users. The MVP worked like a charm.


The founders of Airbnb validated the business model by renting out their own house. The result was fascinating and now you know where the brand is!


The first version of Spotify offered only one thing – seamless music streaming on the go. The product quickly became a hit among users and Spotify expanded rapidly with additional features.


When tweets were not the talk of the town, the team at Odeo (Twitter’s parent company) launched an internal text message service to share updates, which later became Twitter!


The Dropbox team’s MVP was a video that explained their services and how they brought value to customers. The results were amazing as their signups increased from 5000 to a whopping 75000!

We Developed MVPs for These Successful Businesses

We build your MVP on a rock-solid foundation


At the start of our virtual or onsite Design Sprint, we will get a full picture of the problem that you are setting out to solve and determine whether any proposed functionality can go.


We never start with coding. Instead, we build a semi-functional prototype that you can click and play around with. This lets you get feedback on your product and make changes before we build.


We build your product with the best-fit technologies and frameworks, working on top of out-of-the box functionality where applicable and ensuring that the code is easy to test and maintain.


After the first iteration launch of your MVP, we run DevOps for continuous deployment, maintain quality of existing functionality, and build out any additional features, all with a product manager at your fingertips.

How we develop your
MVP – The Process

We deploy a standard & proven step-by-step MVP development process to deliver it on time.



As a technology partner, we take time to get to know your business before launching into the project. You also get to sign an NDA to make sure your idea remains confidential.


Discovery Phase

You get a thorough research of the competitors to set the winning strategy and have a cutting edge. That allows providing time & cost estimation for the MVP app along with roadmap planning. Our Analysts will help you understand your objectives and turn them into business opportunities.



The agile method facilitates the process of creating a great product. Mockupping and design come first. The development process is based on the Scrum methodology. It is divided into sprints, which ensures the efficient outcome. You are constantly aware of the development stages of your minimum viable product through regular spring reports.


MVP Launching and Getting Feedback

We help you set up the analytics to help you measure your success. We work based on the data-driven approach, so the received data helps us set further objectives that will work for your business.



Your projects should constantly evolve. Times and trends change – we help you change with them. We are not an agency that just signs off projects. Constant support and ongoing evolution are an integral part of our process.

MVP development is a cost-efficient and most risk-free way to test the core of your business model.
There are four reasons why this is the case.

Idea validation sprints

An MVP helps to find out how effectively your core features solve customer’s pains. And it allows you to change a strategy earlier if hypotheses fail.

Faster time to market

An MVP development goes rapidly and iteratively. It gives you the possibility to promote a product and look for customers early on.

Budget-friendly investments

An MVP saves you money at the start point. Hence, you can focus on customer development rather than spending money on coding.

Mitigated risks

Software development is a complex process that is full of risks in each step. The development of an MVP is a proven way to mitigate most of the common risks.

Journey to launch a

  1. Turn your idea into an MVP with key features
  2. Identification of problem statements
    (gaps or improvements to bring about)
  3. Solutions
  4. Market research (studying current processes,
    competitors,market scope)
  5. Assessing business opportunity
  6. Prototyping and MVP development
  7. Feedback, results and iterations

You can count on us!

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Engagement models

Dedicated team

time & material


Size of project Large Medium to large Small
Duration Long Average to long Short and average
Client’s control High Medium Low
Budget Highly flexible Moderately flexible Fixed
Change Requests Possible during project implementation Possible during project implementation Possible after project completion
Time-frames Estimated Incremental Predefined
Team scalability Moderate High Low
Dedicated Resources Retained month on month Released after scope of work Assigned
Requirements Evolving Evolving Defined

We work with a range of industries for MVP Development