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A trendsetting data visualization platform that uses unused data to derive unique insights for improved business.

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DashProphet has a wide range of users now, and we've come so far from our initial version that was only suitable to veterans in data analytics. NeoITO has been a huge support in our product journey and our continued success

Jesse Cruz

CEO, DashProphet

Project Overview

Simplifying data analysis and business insight generation for small and medium enterprises.

Our Task
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Every year, businesses worldwide need help finding opportunities in their domain to either reach higher grounds of scalability or even their break-even point. While a team of analysts can help solve the issue, keeping them on payroll is expensive, especially for small and medium enterprises.

The business intelligence marketplace currently relies heavily on analysts and tools unequipped to handle various data sources. This makes it challenging for businesses to find affordable solutions for their data needs. Although some vendors offer SaaS solutions, the issues of multi-tenancy, swift ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and secure Data Lake remain dubious at best.

DashProphet was envisioned as a business insights solution to cater to this long-standing challenge.


The need for DashProphet

Opportunity costs for finding breakthroughs often require scourging large amounts of data and understanding what it means for the future of the business. The core need for DashProphet was to create predictive insights at a lower cost, enabling small and medium businesses to access game-changing information from previously unusable data.

  • The app must be able to comb through large raw datasets, and clean and transform them to generate valuable Gold category datasets with actionable insights.
  • The UI must be simple enough for business customers to visualize and understand datasets.
  • Customers require quick result generation, even when the volume of data needed to be analyzed is much larger and more complex.
  • Assured individual Datalake access for clients to ensure data privacy and tenant-level data isolation.

The Challenge

Apart from building an end-to-end insight generation app, we had a list of key challenges crucial to the product’s viability for our customers.

  • Real-time handling of large datasets, including their extraction, transformation, and visualization with minimal loading time.
  • Generating actionable business insights by embedding business intelligence and analytics was paramount for the success of the SaaS platform.
  • A scalable infrastructure to accommodate the ever-growing platform, helping DashProphet always load fast while optimizing for operational efficiency and cost.
  • A simplified and structured UI that could help businesses gain actionable insights to uncover new business opportunities.

The Neoito impact

With DashProphet, companies have found a record 40% reduction in data processing time. With less time spent on data gathering and insight generation, teams now find it easier to manage larger datasets while quickly uncovering business opportunities.

  • Operational costs have come down by 25%, making it an ideal choice for businesses dependent on business analysts.
  • DashProphet promises 99.99% system uptime, ensuring top-notch quality and safety standards.
  • The scalability of DashProphet enables smooth performance during peak demand, allowing multiple users to generate business insights effortlessly.

Creating an easy-to-use & clutter-free data visualization platform that derives insightful information from huge, complex datasets wasn’t an easy task to pull off. It required tremendous work on the development front. We are glad to have helped DashProphet become one of the most innovative and seamless data visualization players in the market.


Project Manager


The Result

DashProphet is designed as an outcome-oriented business application. While it offers streamlined data and business insights, it also delivers vital action items that give small and medium businesses a competitive edge in their markets.

  • Deeper insight generation was enabled using ML-powered services, making it easier to discover new trends and patterns, and enhanced predictive capabilities.
  • Realtime analysis, thanks to AWS Lambda and Kinesis integration, helped in improving client decision-making processes.
  • DashProphet comes pre-loaded with sophisticated analytics tools, ensuring data integration and seamless access to game-changing insights.
  • Next-level security features compliant with global protection regulations were embedded into DashProphet, minimising the risks of data breaches.

NeoITO enabled DashProphet to handle tons of data without dipping the platform’s performance and expanded its user base beyond seasoned data scientists. Want to build your product with our experts?

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