Learn how we helped Waitwhile migrate their AngularJS application to Angular and increase performance by 40%




Angular, NgRx, NativeScript, Node, Firebase


San Francisco, CA


Waitwhile has seen tremendous growth scaling our revenues by 5X and tripling our number of paid customers. Neoito has been a great development partner and important contributor towards our success.

Christoffer Klemming

CEO – Waitwhile


Waitwhile provides the world's most intelligent queue management system. It’s used by thousands of businesses. Waitwhile uses predictive analytics to estimate wait times. It is up to 30% more effective than humans. The Waitwhile team was facing a technology throttle and wanted to migrate from AngularJS to Angular. The client had a key focus on speed, and speed is our speciality.


Their current system had some performance-related issues and they wanted to enhance the user experience and security as well. The existing system did not have any architecture. They required both an android and iOS app while maintaining costs to a minimum.



The new app is 40% faster than the legacy application. The cost of development was reduced by close to 60% because of the choice of architecture and the unique code sharing solution. The customer is super happy with the solution and has provided excellent reviews and references.

Waitwhile Founder Experience

Founder Experiences

Chris CEO, Waitwhile

Online Queueing and Bookings

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