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Waitwhile has seen tremendous growth scaling our revenues by 5X and tripling our number of paid customers. NeoITO has been a great development partner and important contributor towards our success.

Christoffer Klemming

CEO – Waitwhile


Both Chris and Jonas Klemming are ex-Googlers. When they started out with Waitwhile, they were tackling a major challenge that almost every major business in the U.S found hard to manage: customer queues.

Customer wait times were one of the most stressful problems that companies had to deal with if they needed to retain customers. Waitwhile envisioned to solve this problem, rather take it up a notch by making customer wait times an enjoyable experience altogether. They were certain that although waiting won't vanish altogether, smart solutions could actually shorten them and take away much of the anticipation that's associated with long waiting times.

The initial release of Waitwhile was well received by customers, but they quickly realized their platform was not yet equipped to handle massive customer needs. The need was clear - a rapidly scalable wait time management system that wouldn't slow down no matter how many users were logged in to it.

The Need

Waitwhile was initially built on AngularJS, the first version of Angular which was released back in 2010. While the initial release of Waitwhile web client was simple enough to work with, the system had a couple of clear flaws. First, the system was prone to outages which although they managed for the time quickly became a growing issue.

Another clear limitation was the lack of scalability with their existing platform. Waitwhile proved to be of great help to their existing customers, so much so that it became necessary for them to scale it up to manage the influx of future customers to the platform.

The need was simple. Waitwhile's existing web client had to be changed. But this was no simple task, as constantly updating the platform to the latest version of Angular meant in-depth domain knowledge. That's when we approached the Waitwhile team.

Right from the beginning, we have been strong advocates of Angular and the benefits they offer in creating super responsive websites. On discussion, we realized Waitwhile needed the best the technology could offer to shorten wait times and manage their customers. This also meant that our code adhered to extreme quality standards keeping future updates in mind.

The Challenge

Our requirements were quite evident after primary discussions with the Waitwhile team - a universal queue management system that would be a staple for all businesses to manage their waitlists. For this to happen, we had to ensure two things:

  1. Update the existing version of Waitwhile web client to the latest version of Angular.
    • This ensured quicker load times and improved features as the product matures.
  2. Migrate Waitwhile's database from Firabase to Firestore
    • Transforming Waitwhile into a more responsive platform that could handle an ever-increasing customer base.

The NeoITO Solution

Although we were tasked with revamping the frontend of Waitwhile, we found that working along with their backend team and designers could help us create a much more relevant solution. So in addition to updating their existing web client to the latest version, we made sure that the Waitwhile UI had the best customer experience in mind.

We devised a ten-member team to update the Waitwhile platform to the latest version of Angular. Also, we migrated the platform from Firebase to Firestore. The result was a superfast platform that's currently the simplest and the most feature-rich queue management platform available in the industry.

Post relaunch, they've raised profits to more than six times than what they had before.

CRV, the venture capital firm that funded Airtable, Zendesk, and Doordash have recently invested $12 million in Waitwhile as part of its series A financing round.

Waitwhile is now used by industry giants like Bestbuy, Hartford Healthcare, and Mercedez Benz, just to name a few. Facebook and LinkedIn use it to manage their events.

NeoITO are still their frontend tech partners.

Waitwhile Founder Experience

Founder Experiences

Chris CEO, Waitwhile

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