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Cruz Street

Their team has been easy to work with, on the cutting edge of technology and application development, and beat out other partners we evaluated by a mile in their ability to deliver on their promises. Their goal is to operate for startups the way a high-powered organization would operate for a corporation.

Jesse Cruz

Jesse Cruz

CEO, Cruz Street


Jesse Cruz is an entrepreneur with a serious interest in data science and loves to simplify data for customers. The team at Cruz Street constantly experiments with generic data that companies accumulate over time. They use this data to find meaningful correlations for businesses to attain better productivity and profitability.

The Cruz Street team heavily invests in combining data science with UX to make sense of data and regularly connects with experts in the domain to simplify whatever that's available today and revolutionize the data analytics sector.

The Need

Companies usually generate loads of operational data on a daily basis. But much of this data is unaccounted for, as teams may not see the correlation between the numbers and the direction in which their organization is headed to.

On research, the Cruz Street team found this as an area that was clearly underutilized - something that could be built upon to help teams analyze their current trajectory and make course corrections based on verifiable data and not by intuitions.

The idea was to create an effective tool that could organize data from any database into meaningful graphs, tables, or charts. The user will have complete control over datasets and visualization tools to generate accurate stats without requiring any prior learning curve.

Why NeoITO?

The Cruz Street team had a robust analytics tool developed, but they needed a well-built front end, back end, and UX design to take the product to their target audience. Before they approached us, their initial offering was only suitable for seasoned professionals and data scientists who were familiar with their jargon.

Our task was now fourfold - create an aesthetic yet simple to use UI, couple it with a highly responsive front end, augment their back end team, and simplify the app experience for customers to quickly create their desired stats from uploaded data.

By the time NeoITO got involved, things started to quickly fall in place as our team of expert developers quickly realized the major pressure points of the problem and began tackling them right at its onset.

Cruz Street

Our Scope of Work

The primary goal of the project was to create a sellable platform easy enough for small businesses or business analysts to adopt. This required the DashProphet software to be capable of adding users, creating stats from any database, and have controls that do not overwhelm the user.

We found significant opportunities to improve the backend of DashProphet as well. Complementing the core backend team of Cruz Street, we added our expertise into the pool to finish up the app building process well before schedule.

In addition, our team at NeoITO was in charge of the UI and UX of the new and updated platform. It was only natural that the app used the best in design to serve its customers well. We still review their UX from time to time to analyze new pressure points for users whatsoever.

The Challenge

The DashProphet software uses a combination of microservices to achieve its end goal. These services, although cutting edge are also prone to occasional bugs and crashes. This requires keeping an expert team of developers ready at all times to both anticipate and fix any or all bugs as soon as they surface.

Another feature the app offers is the cleaning of data within datasets and assigning medals to specify their usability at any stage. A gold medal indicates a fully cleaned and optimized dataset, silver and bronze show pending actions to be done, and so on. This was also a significant task our team had to collectively figure out.

Cruz Street

The NeoITO Solution

Within 8 months, we developed a highly responsive, easy-to-use platform that analyzes datasets and creates charts for users to derive value from.

Dashprophet, the new and updated form of MyCDO, is not only quick but capable of doing sophisticated data manipulations with user-friendly commands, coupled with a clutter-free app experience.

The customer base of Cruz Street now includes business analysts, marketing teams, small businesses, and a range of other companies that require data to be visualized to make key business decisions.

NeoITO is still an active participant in their product evolution journey.

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Joel McKay Smith

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