Do you work in the web development industry?

If so, chances are, you’ve already had multiple debate sessions with like-minded developers about the advent of Artificial Intelligence and the rise of machine learning. Not to mention what it means for your future as a developer.

So, what was the outcome of your debates?

Did you find an answer to the popular and controversial question: Will AI replace programmers? Will conventional coding and web development become obsolete? A thing of the past, like the days when we wrote each other letters and relied on horses to commute from one place to another?

Will web development be automated? Or can AI be used to assist web developers in increasing their scope of performance?

Is AI capable of creativity? Should developers and programmers start picking up new life skills to feed themselves in the coming decades? Will the machines take over?!

Okay, deep breaths. It’s not as bad as it’s hyped up to be.

In this blog, we’ll answer all the above questions and also tell you everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence, the rise of machine learning, and the roles they play in web design and development.

The Rise of AI and Machine Learning

We live in the golden age of technology and our daily routines are heavily reliant on technology. Think about it. Most of us wake up with alarm clocks instead of the chirping birds and go to bed after scrolling through social media.

Not to mention the hundred and one things we do daily with the help of our smart devices!

See what we’re getting at? Technological advancements are inevitable.

Humans made technology. Now, we see that technology is poised to overtake their creators: the very programmers and developers who coded tech products into existence.

Yes, we’re talking about Artificial Design Intelligence or ADI. Technology that combines Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create robust websites with minimal human intervention.

So, does this mean that web developers should worry about their jobs being in jeopardy? Read on and we’ll tell you why there’s no cause for alarm.

How Does AI and ML Affect Traditional Web Development?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning affect traditional web development only in positive ways.

AI and ML affect traditional web development only in positive ways.

Web development and AI can go hand in hand without jeopardising the livelihood of web developers. In fact, the web development and designing process is only augmented by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

How, you ask? It’s simple.

First, the human developers do cognitive thinking and get their creative juices flowing. Then machine automation can reduce the time and effort required to create web products.

Together, man and machine can ensure better intuitive functionalities and more memorable user experiences.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is about automating web design

With AI assistive technology, you can do more than refine customisation experiences.

Let’s take a quick look at the advantages that Artificial Intelligence brings to the web development scene.

1. Coding is Easier with Self-learning Algorithms

What if you could create codes that could make self-corrections in case there are any errors? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Artificial Intelligence algorithms can help you create self-correcting codes. These algorithms will analyse the code and find how it can be improved.

Even better, they make the required changes and update the codes, all without human intervention!

Let’s face it: coding has never been easier, thanks to AI optimised codes!

2. AI Creates Exceptional User Experiences

Web products are all about the user experiences.

If you want a user to stay on your website and continue browsing, you need to entice them with incredible user interfaces and enticing customer interactions.

The better the user experience you can offer, the higher your customer retention rates will be.

So, how can AI help you enhance your user experiences?

There are numerous ways you can utilise AI to improve the experiences you give your users. AI-powered chatbots and predictive product recommendations are two of the most commonly seen uses of AI in website design.

3. AI Can Help with Making Accurate Marketing Predictions

Sales and marketing is where Artificial Intelligence really shines.

With the predictive capabilities of AI, you’ll know the nuances that drive your end users.

      • What do your end users want?
      • Where on your website do they spend the most time?
      • Which are the problem areas of your website that users gloss over?
      • What are the hottest consumer trends?
      • How well are you engaging your users?

With AI, you can answer these questions and more!

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4. AI Aids Web Development Optimisation

You might have a great website that is good at engaging users and ensuring user retention.

Is it enough? No.

Your users need to find your website first, before they can engage with it. Website visibility is very important for businesses looking to keep up with the competition.

With AI tools, and ML automation, your website can be optimised for better visibility. This includes content and voice search optimisation. As AI is a great tool for finding patterns in large data sets, it can help you find the right words or phrases that are most frequently searched for to add to your website content.

5. AI Eliminates Human Error and Streamlines Processes

It is human to err! With a thousand different thoughts running around in our heads, we tend to slip up now and then.

Machines do not make mistakes. They are programmed to follow the directions given down to the last detail.

Using AI not only eliminates human error, but also helps you streamline your business processes through automation.

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Advantages of Traditional Web Development

Web developers can't be replaced by Artificial Intelligence

Traditional web development comes with its own share of advantages that simply cannot be overlooked, no matter how much the machines clamour for attention!

1. Direct Interactions with the Decision Makers of Your Project

There are some things that man can do that machines simply can’t, no matter how evolved they are.

And project management is one of those things. Here are a few tips to manage your software project efficiently.

When you hand over your product development to a web developer or team of developers, you will be able to interact with them directly.

Unlike machines, developers speak the same language as you. Which means that communication with the major decision makers of your project will be smooth and effective.

You will be able to share your thoughts and ideas, as well as your take on the direction in which your project is heading. You will also have the freedom to call them for progress updates at any given point of time.

2. There’s a Human Touch Involved

Humans stand apart from other living creatures because of their cognitive abilities. The ability to form complex thoughts and analyse complex problems to come up with simple solutions.

They stand apart from machines for the same reasons. No matter how much technology evolves, you can’t code creativity into machines. The creativity that goes into developing brilliant user experiences has to come from the humans involved in your web project development.

3. Developers Know What They’re Doing

Web developers have been making breakthroughs in web products for decades. Which means they know what they’re doing.

The professional experience they gather helps them know what users want and how to reach their audience the right way.

Another factor you can consider here is this. In most cases, developers also use the products that they develop (or at least similar tech products).

Which means they have the insider information on what their audience wants. Which is…yup, the same features and capabilities that they themselves would like to see in a product they use.

If you want to know how to find the best developers for your web development project, we have you covered.

4. Developers Can Think Outside the Box for Unique Codes

Front-end developers, back-end developers, and full stack developers work on different facets of web development.

But, they all have two things in common. A passion for building unique digital products and the ability to think outside the box when a complex problem presents itself.

While writing code is definitely a part of the job description, developers also spend a significant amount of time coming up with brilliant ways to solve complex problems in simple and easy-to-implement ways.

5. It is Easy to Collaborate with Experienced Developers

Designers and developers deal with many different clients over the course of their work. Their exposure to different personality types help them develop a sense of the type of communication their clients are most comfortable with.

An experienced developer will know exactly what you need and how to collaborate with you in the most effective way.

You will find it easy to coordinate with developers within established constraints and deadlines.

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So, Who Wins?

Artificial Intelligence help developers do their jobs better

There are no losers in this equation, only winners!

Can AI outperform developers a few decades from now? We don’t know the extent to which technology can evolve over the years.

Here’s a more reasonable question:

Can AI assist web developers to do their jobs better?

Yes, definitely. As a developer, if you learn how to best utilise AI in web development, you’re sorted. At least for the foreseeable future.

Together, website designers and intelligent machines can revolutionise the tech world.

Code on!

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There is no denying the fact that AI and ML are the future of web development. And, NeoITO can help you provide AI-based services to create uniquely delightful user experiences for your tech products.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make an impact in the tech world together. Reach out to our AI and ML experts today!

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