When you have nothing tangible to offer, you obviously focus on optimising the experiences you can provide. And tech products are all about redefining customer experiences.

And who are the architects of these delightful experiences?

Web developers, of course!

So, in order to get the best web product (be it websites or mobile applications) for your business, you need to hire the best web developers in the industry.

Now, that brings up several questions:

      • Who are the best web developers?
      • How exactly do you determine the talent of a web developer?
      • And most importantly, where do you find these skilled professionals?

Don’t get frazzled. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the answers to the questions given above and more, so that you can find the best web developers for your product development.

What Are the Different Types of Web Developers?

Understand there are three types of Web Developers before you start findind a web developer

First things first. Let’s get the basic web developer designations and associated job responsibilities clear.

There are three broad types of web developers out there, working hard to make our lives easier with the help of technology. These include:

1. Back-end Web Developers

You can view back-end developers as the surgeons of the technical world.

They work with the intricate functional details of your web development project that are not visible to the end user.

Simply put, back-end developers make sure that your web product functions smoothly and lives up to the expectations set by its users.

2. Front-end Web Developers

The front-end developers are more like the cosmetic surgeons of the technical world.

They focus on the visual aspects of your web product and enhance the overall visual user experience.

Front-end developers are responsible for coding and creating engaging user interfaces that will both impress and delight end users enough to keep them coming back for more.

3. Full-stack Web Developers

Full-stack web developers are much like the Chiefs of Surgery in a way. They come with the combined expertise of both front-end and back-end developers.

They will be well-versed with not only designing interesting user interfaces, but also with the back-end coding required to bring the user interface to life.

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What Type of Web Developer Does Your Tech Project Need?

Your project type help you find a web developer

The type of web developer you’ll need is entirely dependent on your product requirements and the stakeholder expectations that have been set for your product launch.

Ask yourself the following questions and let your answers guide you to your perfect tech partner:

      • What sort of a tech product are you going for?
      • What do you want to focus on: form or function or a combination of both?
      • What sort of end user experiences do you wish to create?

How to Find the Best Web Developers

Don’t channel your efforts into hiring the “best” web developers. There’s no such thing, really. All developers come with a unique skill set that helps them tackle coding and analytical problems during product development.

Instead, ponder how you can hire the “right” web developers for your business. This will, in turn, ensure that you get the best professionals working on your web development project.

1. Outline Your Exact Business Requirements

Know your business requirements before you find a web developer

You need to know exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish with your final product before you set out to find tech partners. To understand the needs of your business and the problems you’ll have to tackle along the way, ask yourself these questions:

      • What are your organisational goals that you hope to achieve with your final product?
      • What sort of tech product do you need?
      • How complex should your final product be?
      • What are the features and functionalities you’re looking for?
      • Do you want to engage users more effectively with the visual or functional aspects of your product?

Once you have successfully answered these questions, you’ll have a clearer idea of your product expectations, which will help you narrow down your search considerably.

2. Figure Out What Your Web Developer Needs to Know

What are your expectations when it comes to a web developer for your product?

Figure out what your developer must bring to the table to meet your expectations.

        • What are the prerequisite skills he or she must have?
        • Which programming language and frameworks must he or she be comfortable with?

3. Start Your Search for the Best Web Developers

Start your research early to find a web developer

Don’t wait too long getting ready with the research. Start your search for your perfect tech partner as early as you can.

It is recommended that you start your search parallel to your research as you will have to search far and wide before you find the ideal candidate(s).

4. Test Your Shortlisted Candidates Before Making a Hire

Resumes can lie, but actual work can’t.

Make sure that your shortlisted candidates can put their work where their mouth is before you finalise your hire. You can do this by setting them a short and simple task to complete.

Remember that the objective of this task is not to get free work done, but rather, to understand the technical expertise of your potential hires.

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5. Agree on a Mutually Beneficial Working Model

Establish good working model to ensure that you can retain your web developer

Once you find a good web developer, you also need to ensure that you can retain them.

You can do this by establishing a good working model with your tech partner. Do you wish to hire them part-time, full time, or as a freelancer? Or, perhaps you wish to employ them in a consulting capacity.

Whatever your plans are, make sure they are mutually beneficial and that you communicate them well with your new hire.

6. Provide Clarity About Payment Details

Work out payment details with your new recruits and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the results. Consider these questions:

          • What is the remuneration you’re willing to offer in exchange for your project completion?
          • What is the frequency of payments?
          • What is the mode of payment?

Also make sure that there is precise documentation of all transactions made.

7. Draw Up an Air-Tight Agreement

Ensure that you have the legal documents signed and sorted when you find a web developer

Whether you’re hiring a new employee to your team or as a freelancer, you need to make sure that you have the legal documents signed and sorted. Also, ensure that the contract you draw up favours both parties equally.

Where to Find a Web Developer for Your Tech Product?

Don’t worry about finding web developers. It’s easy enough.

There are hundreds of thousands of application developers all over the globe waiting for an opportunity to work with you.

The crux is finding the right web developers for your particular requirements. Leave no stone unturned while you hunt down The Chosen One that will take your web product to the next level.

There are many different ways you can recruit the right web developers for your web product development. Let’s take a look at the stones you need to turn before you find your ideal web developer match.

Freelancing Websites

If you need access to a large global pool of talent for your product development, then you need to consider hiring freelancers for your tech project.

Read our ultimate guide to find freelance web developers for startups, and be privy to the following important information:

          • How to find the right freelance web developers?
          • A list of freelance websites where you can get reliable freelance web developers
          • How to manage freelance web developers?

Outsourcing Entities

Find a web developer without making any compromises

It can be hard to manage freelancers, especially if you put together a whole new team of web developers who have never worked with you or each other before.

If you want to eliminate the need to manage your freelancers and save more time, you can consider outsourcing your tech project to a reliable web development firm like Neoito.

See our case studies to see how we helped our clients to build top-notch products.

HR Recruitment

If you want to do it the old-fashioned way, you can always turn to your HR recruitment team and give them a clear set of guidelines about the type of candidate you’re looking for.


There is no such thing as the best of the best when it comes to web developers. Each developer comes with a unique set of coding and analytical skills that helps them tackle complex technical challenges with simple and easy-to-implement solutions.

It’s all about finding the right web developer with the required skill set to your needs. You can save yourself the hassle of putting together a team of web developers simply by outsourcing your web development to a reputed tech partner like Neoito.

Yes, we can confidently say that we have the cream of the crop when it comes to web developers.

Wondering how Neoito’s team of web developers helped startup founders build top-notch products? Why don’t you give us a ring and find out?

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