Cross-platform development gained popularity among developers and companies alike for its plethora of advantages like the cost-effectiveness, consistent user experiences across platforms, a single codebase and many more.

Right now we have a lot of cross-platform technologies to choose from like React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Appcelerator, etc. But the real standout is the offering from Google called Flutter.

What is Flutter?


Google describes it as a,

“UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.”

It is a free and open-source cross-platform technology introduced in 2015 with an official launch in 2018. It powers some of the biggest apps, of which two of the most prominent ones are Google Ads, Xianyu from Alibaba.

Google ADsAlibaba

Even in its short lifespan, it has managed to make a considerable impact. As one of the top cross-platform developers in Utah, we believe Flutter is one of the best choices for cross-platform development available today.

5 Reasons why flutter is the future

1. Performance

One of the biggest questions while choosing cross-platform technology is whether they can deliver a comparable performance to that of native apps. Even though there is a considerable gap in the performance-difference between the two, over the years, Flutter has managed to close that gap significantly.

Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to distinguish between a Native app and a Flutter app.

2. Beautiful Interfaces

Having a great user interface is always a huge plus when it comes to mobile apps. It’s also an area where native apps excelled when compared to cross-platform apps.

Flutter changed this view.

Flutter lets you build eye-popping interfaces, thanks to its wide array of beautiful widgets. Based on their compatibility with Android and iOS, the widgets, are split into two sets, Material Design and Cupertino. These widgets help developers save a lot of time and are also highly customisable.

3. Faster Development

Yes, we all know the single codebase for all platforms is one of the main reasons for the popularity of cross-platform app development. It speeds up the development process and also the same team gets to work on all the versions.

Flutter takes it to the next level with its hot reload feature. Hot reload allows developers to see the changes they made instantly. It makes it possible for you to view the change you made in the code by reloading only the screens you are working on and not the whole application. It has a huge impact and adds up to a significant drop in development times.

4. Go Beyond Mobile

Flutter is not exclusive to mobile. Now we have Flutter for both Desktop and Web. New updates now make it possible for Flutter applications to run seamlessly on browsers without any changes to the code.

Google showed off this feature in a preview of the Flutter web held during their I/O conference. It makes it a complete cross-platform app development technology.

5. Fuchsia


We all know that Google is building a brand-new operating system called Fuchsia. The OS will be introduced for both mobile and chrome. Google is serious about Fuchsia and is investing a lot of time and money into this OS. Google sees it as the future.

So what does it have to do with Flutter? Both Fuchsia and Flutter use the Skia engine to build UI components. They also share the same language, Dart. So Flutter developers will have no issues in understanding Fuchsia.

The Flutter Community

Flutter has an ever-growing community of developers collaborating and sharing cool ideas. They contribute a lot to its growth The Flutter library has tons of plugins built by the community and Google devs that you can access easily.

They are highly active and you’ll always manage to find someone online to answer your questions.


Choosing the right technology will still depend on numerous factors which require in-depth research and consultation with your development team. Flutter is steadily becoming one of the go-to cross-platform technologies for mobile app development. The abundance of great features and the almost native-like user interface is helping it stand out from the rest.

Add to that, the support for Google’s future operating system is also a huge plus point going into the future. We strongly believe Flutter will play a pivotal role in the future of mobile, web and even desktop applications.

Trying to figure out if you should go with Flutter for your next mobile app or MVP? We are one of the leading Flutter development companies in Utah, working with some of the best startups and scaleups in the Silicon slopes region to deliver lightning fast experiences to users.

We would love to hear your ideas and help you put the best foot forward. Contact Us now!

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