Next.js has great testimonials like Twitch, Hulu, etc. It became popular because of its ability to develop server-side rendered React applications. Also, static websites built using Next.js can leverage the features of React in various ways.

Many small to large businesses use the Next.js framework for simple and universal Javascript application development.

In 2016, Next.js came as a tool that can build pages rather than building a single component.

It makes the development of simple to complex web applications faster and simpler. This blog will brief you about Next.js and how it helps your business and web developers.

Let’s get started.

What is Next.JS?

Next.js is a react library

Next.JS is a React framework that requires minimum or no configuration at all.

When Next.JS is used, it provides extra structure, components, and optimisations for your web application. It allows you to build hybrid websites with both server-side and static generated pages.

Next.JS can build both static and dynamically rendered pages easily. This makes Next.JS one of the go-to tools for web development.

Features of  Next.JS

  • It provides you with the inbuilt router, eradicates the installation of React routers
  • You can view the changed saves instantly – leading to faster development
  • Enhanced image and font optimisation in the web pages
  • Supports built-in ESLint and TypeScript
  • The use of HMR in Next.JS will give real-time reloading of changed components without the change in state
  • Next.JS provides page-based routing. You can create a page by putting components in the page itself.

Improved features in the recent release of Next.JS 12

  • Beta version on-demand ISR
  • More support for SWC
  • Zero configuration with next/jest plugin
  • Quicker modification than Terser. 7 times faster
  • Self-hosting modification of images and more
  • Extra support and stability for React 18 server components
  • Improving the next version using developer surveys

What Can You Build With Next.JS?

As Next.JS supports hybrid development, it can be used in many new emerging product developments like:

  • Building Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Static websites
  • Emerging SaaS products
  • Next-generation web applications
  • Interactive and improved user interface websites
  • Feature-rich e-commerce websites
  • Jamstack websites
  • Web portals and Dashboards

Benefits of using Next.JS

Next.JS has different abilities like hybrid development, building pages than components, and more. The advantages are also good in numbers when you have such stretched and flexible technology.

Next.JS provides benefits to businesses and developers in different ways. Let’s have a look into it.

Benefits for Business

Every business is thriving to give a fabulous digital presence to acquire new customers and provide an enhanced experience for existing customers.

  • To provide a flawless digital experience, you need a better user experience on your web platform. You can employ Next.JS to offer a unique and excellent user experience.
  • With Next.JS, you don’t have to limit yourself to plugins and templates. This improves the development of the front end with more flexibility.
  • Static websites built with Next.JS are not connected with any databases. It provides enhanced data security with the user credentials and more.
  • If your website is slow and then the growth of your website will also be slow. Next.JS empowered website has a good loading speed compared to other frameworks.
  • Next.JS websites are compatible with all devices irrespective of their size. Users will get a seamless experience on any device.
  • Making the web product-market fit is faster with the Next.JS framework. With real-time feedback from users, you can fastly upgrade your website and make it market fit.

Benefits for Marketing

Improving the business in the digital space is completely based on SEO and organic traffic. Next.JS products are well optimised and SEO friendly.

Websites with shorter load times rank higher in SERPs than slow loading websites. This feature will give more organic reach to the website.

The user experience will be unique in websites with Next.JS. A better user experience provides more clicks and boosts the time spent on the website. More time on the website will lead to high conversion rates.

Benefits for Development

Developers love reusable components since they cut costs for businesses and time for developers.

Other benefits for development are:

  • Built-in SSG and an SSR
  • Easy upgrading
  • Typescript support
  • Automatic code splitting
  • API routes
  • Minimal configuration
  • Built-in CSS support for development

Benefits for E-commerce Websites

Conversion rates determine the success of e-commerce websites. The websites need every customer to make an order. It also demands regular updation of new products and prices inside.

Next.JS is the best option for e-commerce websites because it offers:

  • Higher speed
  • Capability to make regular changes
  • Customised user experience journey

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Next.JS and User Experience

When you have freedom in the front-end development, then the user experience will be more unique and extraordinary.

Next.JS allows more freedom to developers in the front end layer.

When you have an average user experience on websites like e-commerce or the finance sector, you may lose customers, increase the bounce rate, and lose trust.

If you use templates or plugins, then the customisation will be limited. But with Next.JS, you will get the freedom to build unique pages.

So with Next.JS, developers will get:

  • More UX freedom
  • Enhanced responsive websites
  • Adaptive websites for all types of screens
  • Very less loading time
  • Improved data security

Next.JS and SEO

Search engine optimisation is the one thing all digital marketers rely on. Making the website more optimised will increase organic growth and boost the conversion rate.

Web page optimisation for SEO can be done through optimising the web page content, enhancing website architecture, and developing off-page elements like link building.

Because of the minimal and static site generator, Next.JS is the better choice for optimising your website for SEO.

Next.JS is also compatible with pre-rendered plugins. With this, while loading, there won’t be any white pages. There will be fully rendered pages that will be loading. This factor also helps with SEO and ranking.

Next.JS helps SEO with:

  • Better ranking
  • Increased conversion rates
  • More visits
  • Standing out from your competitors

Who Uses Next.JS?

Using Next.JS is good for websites that need regular content updates and have a huge user base.

Some real-time examples of Next.JS:

  • Tik Tok
  • Twitch
  • Netflix jobs
  • Hulu
  • Binance
  • Ticket master
  • Marvel
  • Lego
  • Square
  • and more

Pros and Cons of Next.JS

Pros Cons
Zero configuration Less number of plugins
Built-in image optimisation Cost you separate for front end
Faster reloading No in-built state manager
Automatic image configuration Need a knowledge person for handling
Automatic code splitting Debugging will be challenging for new developers
Static regeneration
Typescript support

When to Use Next.JS?

You can change to Next.JS if your business requires

  • Well optimised websites
  • Enhanced web presence
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved reach
  • Better user experience
  • Uniqueness
  • Easy scaling of your business
  • Cost-efficient maintenance and management


Using Next.JS can increase your website’s conversion rate with improved performance. Regardless of your business size, you can opt for Next.JS to get an edge over your competition.

Embracing the new technology is tough initially and will give fruitful benefits later if appropriately employed. Finding skilled developers at this stage will be a challenging task.

If you still need guidance to make your next step in building or upgrading your product in Next.JS, you can easily book a free consultation with us now!

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