When Google first released Flutter, it became the most demanded framework among app developers and development companies.

The main reason Flutter frameworks are so popular is their ability to develop cross-platform applications with a single code. The demand for Flutter developers is soaring as the mobile app industry is expanding at an exponential rate.

Hiring a Flutter app developer is tricky since Flutter is relatively a new technology, and the developers need time to understand, adapt and develop skills.

Before hiring Flutter developers to build your app, you must know about the hiring process and the essential skills needed to find a better fit.

In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about hiring Flutter app developers for your project.

Let’s get started.

Why Do You Need a Flutter Developer?

According to statics, Flutter has been used by 42% of the app developers.

Flutter frameworks let you develop apps for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Google Fuchsia with a single code.

Flutter frameworks are becoming more popular, and there are many advantages of using the Flutter framework because of its cross-platform ability.

Advantages of Using Flutter Framework

      • Reduced code development time
      • Less time for apps to hit the market
      • Has its own rendering engine
      • Ability to go mobile and also available for web
      • Same UI for all platforms
      • Similar to App native performance
      • Rich libraries for better UI performance
      • Fast testing

Considering the advantages of Flutter, many companies like Alibaba, Google Adwords, Hamilton Musical and many more are using Flutter.

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Flutter Developer’s Role

flutter developers role

As Flutter is in the emerging stage, developers are experimenting with this framework. Many developers adopted Flutter early and increased their skills in Flutter. Let’s look at the different levels of developers in the industry.

1. Junior or Entry-Level Flutter Developers

Junior developers have minimum experience and knowledge in using the technology. They usually have an experience of upto 2 years.

If you are planning to hire junior developers, you should have prior experience with Flutter or need a well-experienced Flutter developer to guide them.

Junior developer needs time to understand the frameworks. So before hiring junior developers, try to understand their willingness to learn the technology for a friction-free development experience.

2. Mid-Level Flutter Developers

Mid-level Flutter developers have experience of 2-4 years in using Flutter technology. With time, junior Flutter developers will gain knowledge by using the technology.

After finishing the 2 or 3 years, developers will not need maximum guidance from the seniors.

They can work independently and don’t need constant advice. When you hire mid-level developers, you need to know the salary cost as they usually need a higher payroll for their expertise.

Also, mid-level developers need to understand the organisation’s business goals because they are directly involved in the projects right after their appointment.

3. Senior-Level Developers

Senior-level Flutter developers have more than 4 years of experience using Flutter technology. If your project demands high-level expertise to develop complex cross-platform applications, you must go with senior-level developers.

In addition, you can senior-level developers train their junior counterparts.

Every project needs proper supervision and guidance for better results; having a senior-level Flutter developer comes in handy and helps you avoid errors. Also, they help you deliver projects quicker.

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5 Must-Have skills to Look for When You Hire Flutter Developers

flutter developers skills

Before we go in-depth about the skills needed for Flutter developers. Basic skills like understanding and knowledge of the iOS and android applications development will be the most needed skill.

1. Prior Experience or Knowledge About Dart

Flutter uses a client-based language Dart to write simple scripts. Dart language is similar to Java and C languages.

Dart gives Flutter the capability to build cross-platform apps in iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, etc.

Developers will be writing codes in the Dart language to develop the apps, and prior knowledge is mandatory.

Most companies that hire Flutter developers will give tasks to the candidates in Dart language to test their knowledge.

2. Experience in Using Native Languages

Before diving straight to code in Dart language, the prior experience of using other native languages like C, C++, and Javascript will be a plus for the developers.

As Dart language is similar to other native languages, you will get a candidate who will easily understand Flutter.

Try to find candidates who have worked in developing apps with native languages to find the right fit for your project.

3. Prior Knowledge in Agile and Waterfall Methodologies in Software Development

Software projects need a high level of planning for faster release and fewer errors while developing.

More than the knowledge about the coding language, it is necessary to know about the planning and execution methodologies in software development.

If the candidates already have prior experience using software project management methodologies like Agile or Waterfall ( the most used methodologies for software projects), it will benefit your projects.

Also, prior knowledge will save time and help you deliver projects faster.

4. Expertise in Using SQLite

SQLite is one of the necessary tools while building multiple platform projects. In Flutter, with a proper plugin, SQLite will provide considerable advantages.

With SQLite, you can read, delete, add, insert data at any time, and it loads every time.

Without basic knowledge about SQLite, executing in Flutter technology will be difficult. If you are using a large amount of data in Flutter, SQLite is mandatory.

5. Enhanced Knowledge About Git

Git is one of the most needed tools for software developers today, irrespective of the language or frameworks.

Git is a DevOps tool utilised for source code management. It is a free, open-source version control system for small and large projects.

Developers mostly start to use Git from the early stage for better understanding and go with the technology trend.

There are some basic skills needed for every software other than the skills mentioned above:

      • Writing clean codes
      • Experience in Android or iOS development
      • Basic knowledge of different architectural approaches
      • Having ease of approach to fixing bugs
      • Appropriate communication skills for better team results
      • Creativity
      • Problem-solving ability

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Flutter Developers Hiring Process

Before starting the hiring process, know your:

      • Your project requirements
      • Level of developer expertise
      • The technologies your developers will work with

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1. Job description

The job description differs for every project and the level of developers you are hiring.

Must have things in the job description:

      • Years of experience you are looking for.
      • Prior experience in Flutter technology.
      • Experience in developing Android and iOS apps.
      • Understanding about Agile methodology for software development.
      • Experience in using third party libraries and API.
      • Knowledge in automated testing.
      • Experience in handling Git or other version control tools.
      • Communication skills.
      • Logical and analytical skills.
      • Your project requirements in brief.

2. Questions Asked

Some of the most common questions you can ask while hiring Flutter developers are:

      • Why did you choose Flutter technology?
      • Explain your experience in app development.
      • What is Dart programming language?
      • Why should we use three folders inside Flutter projects?
      • What is the difference between Flutter and other similar technologies?
      • What is meant by Scopedmodel?
      • Tell me about the best way to ensure consistent formatting in a Flutter.
      • What do you mean by Flutter SDK?
      • Explain the different types of streams.

Where Can You Hire Flutter Developers?

Once you have the project requirements, you have three ways to find the perfect Flutter app developers to develop your software product.

Three ways to hire Flutter developers:

1. Hiring in-house developers

Finding the perfect team of developers and building your own team to develop your project will give you a personal touch. Also, the hired team will provide all their work to see the final results. But building your in-house team of developers will increase your costs.

Tools to find in house developers:

      • Indeed
      • Glassdoor
      • LinkedIn
      • By reference and more
Pros Cons
Dedicated team Costs a lot
Minimal sharing of data outside the house Need a physical space for better results at the initial stage

2. Hiring Freelance Developers

You can hire freelance developers through any freelance websites, but you need appropriate knowledge to find out the perfect candidate.

Top websites to find freelance developers:

      • Fiverr
      • Freelancer
      • Upwork
Pros Cons
It gives access to a large pool of candidates Time zone issues
Cost-effective Long term collaboration will be difficult

3. Outsourcing the Development Process

Outsourcing your Flutter app development will give access to the pool of talents with prior experience at affordable rates.

But it also has its own pros and cons.

Companies to consider when you outsource your project:

      • NeoITO
      • Clutch
      • Addevice
      • Goodfirms
Pros Cons
You can hand over your project to people with prior experience If the company shuts down, the project will be halted halfway
Minimal involvement from your side, you can focus on other important aspects of your business Sharing confidential data outside the company
Fixed and affordable price Time zone issues
Can also handle the maintenance of the app

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Salaries for Flutter Developers

Salary for Flutter developers will differ from one country to another and also according to their experience and ability.

In freelancing also, you will get hourly or project rates according to the difficulty of the project development and the expertise you opt for

In outsourcing, you will get a price according to the requirements of your project. Many outsourcing companies also include the maintenance service in their pricing for long term commitments.


Before you hire a developer for Flutter app development, you should be well aware of the project requirements. Otherwise, you may end up hiring the wrong people.

Also, ensure that they possess good communication skills for better results.

If you have low expertise in technology, you can wisely choose well-established product development companies to develop your product successfully.

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