Are you trying to figure out the right web development company for your startup business? If so, read on to understand why the operative word here is “right” and not “best”.

Now, you might be confused as to why we say you need to go for the right web development company for your business rather than the best web development company out there. Before you write off our opinion as a typo, let us explain.

There are numerous web development companies out there that can give you what you want in terms of web development solutions. It is important to choose an outsourcing company that is not just the best in the industry but also one that is right for your startup’s unique organisational goals.

This is because the right website or application can make or break your business, and it is imperative that you make sure the solutions provider of your choice fits the bill when it comes to aligning their solutions with your business needs, even if they may not be the top name in the industry.

And to do that, you first need to understand what your business needs are. This will help you find a solutions provider that can address the unique challenges that your business faces.

Another key word here is “need”. You must find a web development company that can understand your business well enough to give you not only the services you want, but also the ones you need to grow your business into a fully-fledged one.

Let us consider this web development company that you wish to partner with as a sort of wingman, working in the back end to put your business in the digital spotlight. What should be the main strengths of your business wingman, and how can you access the same? Read on to make an informed choice and invest in the right web development company for your startup business.

Understand Your Business Thoroughly

Understand Your Business

First, you need to know exactly what you expect from the web development solutions provider you hire. And to do that, you first need to know your startup like the back of your hand. In order to understand your business properly, you can conduct UTB (Understanding the Business) studies to analyse your current market standing and club it with the vision that you have developed for your business in the long run.

Unless you are fully aware of all the nuances that make up your business including your business goals, sales targets, and scope of scalability, you will be at a loss when it comes to explaining your business requirements to the web development company of your choice. This might lead to unsatisfactory results in the long run.

What are your strengths that you would like to improve? What are your limitations that you need to work around? Once you understand your business, however, you will know what you need to augment your business growth and push your company to greater heights.

With this in mind, communicating your needs to your web development solutions provider will be easy, and carrying the project forward will be smoother and more effective. Once you convey your requirement concisely, the provider can also streamline their offerings to suit your startup perfectly.

So, know your requirements, the type of app you want, the complexities of the features involved, and the exact-end product you expect.

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Are They on the Digital Map Themselves?

A digital presence is very important for businesses in this day and age, especially for upcoming startups that are yet to find a stable foothold in their respective industries. If you are trying to find a web development company for your startup, then it obviously means that you are trying to expand your digital outreach.

This could be through various mediums such as websites or mobile responsive applications, to name a couple. And what better way to promote yourself digitally than with a strong and compelling social media presence?

It is imperative that the web development company you choose has a fairly decent social media presence on platforms like but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This is because most web services related companies that are trying to stay relevant make it a point to invest time and effort in building a good social media presence, as this not only increases the trust factor of their clients, but also helps them stay updated on current trends and innovations.

Simply put, if they are not on the digital map themselves, it is not very likely that they can help you carve out a name for your startup business online.

Look Up The Company Website

A simple yet effective step that most people miss out on when selecting a good web development company for their startup business is to look up the development company’s website. You can easily weed out the good from the run-of-the-mill companies by simply heading over to their official website and giving it a good gander.

The company’s official website can give you far more details than meets the eye initially. In addition to getting an idea about their products, services, and contact details, you can also get meaningful insights into how good their final product will be.

After all, if they are a web development company, they would develop their website themselves instead of outsourcing it, because if they can’t deliver for themselves the services they offer, then it is unlikely that they can deliver on your behalf.

And the best way to promote your services is by using the same to put yourself at the top of your industry. Imagine hiring a hotel for a catering service and spotting the head chef eating at a nearby restaurant.

There is no way you’d trust the food he prepares if he doesn’t seem to want to consume it himself, would you? Is their company website visually pleasing and functionally apt? If not, strike them off the list of prospective candidates and on to the next one!

Count the Feathers on Their Cap

If you think the company website is up to the mark, head over to their portfolio section and take a good long look at the businesses they have collaborated with and the final product outcomes.

It helps you better understand the experience they have garnered over the years, the business types they have worked with, and the final products they have delivered.

The more diverse the company’s portfolio is, the more exposure they would have accumulated over the years. And it goes without saying that it is also a good indicator of their success as a web development company. Basically, the portfolio is a measure of the company’s success and helps you narrow down your list of candidates.

Put Their Web Technologies Knowledge to the Test

Open Source Technologies for Web Development

It is advisable to hire an expert who is familiar with the technologies that go into web development to help you in a consulting capacity as you assess the best web development company for your startup business.

The sheer number of programming languages and frameworks out there can be confusing, especially if you are unfamiliar with information technology services.

Your consultant can analyse your business to tell you the kind of web technologies that would be required to develop the required product for your business and can also help you test the technical knowledge of the team that you plan to hire. It will help you avoid complications in the future as your project progresses as programming skills are crucial for a web development company’s team.

Put Their Products to the Test

It is not enough to simply glance at the portfolio of web development company prospects because there is always the possibility that it is more amped up than in reality. After all, everyone wants to portray themselves in the best light possible. Put their products to the test as well.

Find out the best projects they have worked on and explore the final products thoroughly. Be it websites or mobile applications, check out how user-friendly the design is and how appealing the aesthetics are. It would behove you to examine the products carefully and note the level of attention to detail that has gone into each.

And don’t forget to check how responsive these products are on different platforms because as a startup, you will most likely be marketing yourself across every possible channel.

Check How Well-Versed They Are with Digital Marketing

Your website or mobile application will act as your spokesperson in your targeted marketplace. It will be the first thing that your potential customers come across while searching for your products and services, and as the adage goes, first impressions are the best impressions.

Suppose your product is not designed in accordance with the latest in digital marketing. In that case, you will likely lose customers to competitors who developed the same web services as you with more emphasis on digital marketing strategies. For better conversion rates and retention rates, you must invest with a web development company that curates its products according to the latest trends in digital marketing.

See if They Can Host Your Business Comfortably

When you are trying to factor in all the costs, you also need to consider the ability of the web development solutions provider to host your website comfortably even as your traffic increases over the years. It means that they should offer you the flexibility to scale your startup as time progresses and your business grows.

You also need to look into the ongoing support and after-sales support that the company offers to avoid any issues later.

Figure Out if the Development Team is Quick on Their Feet

Every business comes with a unique set of challenges that require innovative solutions that are easy to implement. And as a startup, your business will face unprecedented challenges that will require complex problem-solving abilities from your web development team. Here, again, it is recommended that you hire an expert to gauge the analytical skills of your potential development team, as hiring a web development company is a big investment.

You can also take this as an opportunity to understand how well the team can tackle hurdles as the project progresses and decide on a team that is capable enough to ensure business continuity even as the project is underway.

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Check How Compatible You Are with the Development Team.

When you choose a development team, you should know how to manage them effectively. The better your communication with the development team, the faster your project will progress, and the better your outcome will be. It is important that you gel well with the team as you will need to give continuous inputs as and when the project progresses.

A reliable web development company will give due importance to client communication and customer success as well, and this will be evident in how the company deals with you individually and as a team. Building a rapport with your development team will also help you put across your requirements and ideas more clearly and help you deliver constructive feedback that the web development team can use to enhance the final product.

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Get Your Facts Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

It is always recommended that you spend some time trying to get testimonials from previous clients of the web development companies you have shortlisted. If it is not possible to reach out to the older clients, at least make an effort to verify the clients and the testimonials that are listed on the company website.

Doing this will give you much-needed insights into how your journey with the company will progress as your product is being developed. Are they efficient communicators? Do they keep you in the loop at all times? Are they reliable? Do they meet deadlines on time? Is the team receptive to suggestions and feedback? How much value do they give to customer success?

If previous clients vouch for the dependability and delivery of your potential web development company, then it would be a good idea to invest your time and money with them. When selecting the right web development services provider for your business, never settle for mediocre because you don’t want your software project to become a fail. You need its successful delivery.

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