A small office. A handful of team members and an unwavering passion for technology. That was NeoITO in its initial years. But how did two tech founders from the US bet big on us to take Waitwhile, their brainchild, to the next big level?

Learn more about one of the most successful outsourcing stories that helped us carve a niche for ourselves in the global software development industry.

The story of Waitwhile

Ex-Googler Chris and his brother, Jonas, unanimously hated one thing – waiting in line. In their opinion, there’s no better way to kill your productivity than waiting for your turn in the long, winding queues. In their own words, “waiting in line sucks!”

Imagine how many productive hours you lose while waiting to grab a Black Friday deal from your favorite store or meet your physician.

Chris and Jonas rolled up their sleeves to solve this problem. They wanted to transform the soul-sucking experience of waiting in line into something easier, better and smarter. That’s how they built Waitwhile, a platform that lets you wait in virtual queues from anywhere and notifies you about your turn through a message.

Waitwhile helps businesses by letting them choose how and when they want people to join their waitlist while offering their customers the convenience of a virtual queue. The optimised virtual queue experience drastically reduced wait times, giving zero productivity loss for customers. They only needed to show up at their turn.

Waitwhile earned impressive traction at the beginning. Their app was well-received among the users. But it needed a vast revamp of its tech framework to accommodate the influx of new users and scale up faster without hiccups.

The Waitwhile team was searching for a capable development partner to solve their problems and deliver the project on time. The three main factors they took into consideration were:

      • Tech expertise: The project required a deeper knowledge of various technologies.
      • Accountability: They needed a responsible and experienced outsourcing partner for a zero-friction experience throughout the project.
      • The team size: Waitwhile needed a flexible and dedicated team to work on the project, and only a sizeable team could handle it effectively.

NeoITO x Waitwhile

Waitwhile was looking for a worthwhile vendor to work with. They were impressed with our team at NeoITO but not sure if we could deliver the project perfectly. So, they gave us a trial task to assess our skills. We were excited. We put all our technical expertise [and senses] to work on the project.

The project required immense expertise in technology. After many productive brainstorming sessions, ideation hours and hard work, we pulled it off. Waitwhile’s confidence in our team increased manifold, and they roped us in for their key project. We were on cloud nine!

[See How We helped Waitwhile Achieve an 8-figure Valuation]

A project the size of Waitwhile required an open line of communication and top-notch development expertise.  One of the most important aspects that pushed us towards Waitwhile was their revolutionary & disruptive idea – to decrease wait times and help you save time effectively. Our priority was to make the existing platform better and more performant.

After multiple rounds of discussions, we understood that Waitwhile needed massive rework on its framework, MVP, and software team to scale faster. We deployed a dedicated team outsourcing model for the project, which helped Waitwhile take complete control of the team’s management and get access to top-tier developers.

Waitwhile had already created a decent app, but its scaling capabilities were limited. We solved this by migrating the existing application to the latest version of Angular and enhancing the overall app performance.

Our team tackled every hurdle Waitwhile faced to transform it into one of the market’s fastest and most innovative waitlist apps. Now Waitwhile’s clientele includes biggies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Louis Vuitton.

Plus, they raised $12 million in VC funding from the investors of Airtable, Zendesk and Doordash. Most importantly, they have already saved 100+ million customers over 10,000 years of waiting in line.

“NeoITO has been a great development partner and an important contributor to our success,” says Chris, co-founder of Waitwhile, after working with us.

Want to know the best part?

Waitwhile is still one of the most prestigious names in our clientele. If it were not for the passion for new technologies, a bunch of youngsters at NeoITO, a new startup back then, wouldn’t have swept two US founders off their feet to become an integral part of transforming Waitwhile into what it is today.

The NeoITO experience

As a development partner, we don’t deliver your projects and leave. Instead, we build lasting relationships with you. We feel that we grow when we make entrepreneurs like you happy. And it looks like we’ve made many entrepreneurs like you happy!

You sell your service, and you get a few clients. But when you solve a problem, you build trust.

From day one, our team at NeoITO focused on embracing technology to solve the problems of businesses and entrepreneurs, which helped us become the frontrunner of technology in the product development niche.

Now we make enterprise-grade solutions accessible to businesses of every size and shape.

As your trusted development partner, we always go the extra mile to positively impact every aspect of your business to help you scale faster, as we did for Waitwhile.


Companies prefer outsourcing mainly for two major reasons – cost efficiency and access to an extensive talent pool. But if you don’t outsource your project to the right team, you will have difficulty weathering many storms in your software development journey.

Anything from communication gaps to lack of expertise can hinder your outsourcing experience and stop your project midway, costing you time and money.

At NeoITO, we deploy a customised project management strategy in line with your needs and promise a seamless experience at every touch point. This means zero friction, a hassle-free communication line, and on-time project delivery, which helps you release and validate your product faster.

Want to know how we helped Waitwhile scale and raise multi-million dollars in funding? Check out our case study now.

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