10.44 billion US dollars!

I hope that number piqued your interest because that is the estimated market value for PWA by 2027.

The spike in smartphone users has triggered development for many innovations and opportunities, and progressive web apps are one among them.

Progressive web apps (or PWA) have grown so much over the past years that everybody in the product development world has their eyes set on them. The accessibility and customer satisfaction of PWAs are attracting more users.

For small businesses whose clientele are looking for a more seamless experience, PWAs prove to be the X factor that determines the conversion rate. The small memory occupancy and faster loading time over weak networks set it apart from the native apps.

By offering easy access, PWAs are revolutionising the industry. Users just need to click a link or scan a code, and they get access to the app, and if they like it, they can add it to their home screen. Compared to the downloading and logging in shenanigans of native apps, PWAs prove to be a quick and viable replacement.

The comfortable throne where native apps sit seems a little shaky when you look at the statistics. Most of the stats favour PWAs over native apps, and they are pretty convincing.

Still on edge about progressive web apps? Here is an infographic to nudge you in the right direction.

Progressive web apps infographic


Now you have the foundation required for understanding what a progressive web app is. If you wish to deepen your knowledge, check out our leading blog on progressive web apps and its benefits.

PWA is providing businesses ways to reduce unnecessary expenditure and increase efficiency. There are many leading Progressive Web Apps you can adopt to help you grow your business.

Gather all the information you need and start your successful business journey with progressive web apps.

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