Software is the magic thing whose importance only goes up over time
Bill Gates

As Bill Gates said, software solutions make magic in our lives today. Technology is one of the best things that have happened to humankind.

But the demand for new software is also increasing at a steady and fast pace.

Do you know?

In the United States, there will be more than 70,000 startups in 2022. Most of them are making good progress in scaling and growing.

Also, the global software market is valued at a whopping 429.59 billion USD.

So, building your software startup now will be a good idea.

But identifying the right idea for your startup will be tricky.

In this blog, we have listed the top 15 most promising and best software startup ideas in 2022.

Want to find your startup idea?

Read on!

15 profitable & future-ready software startup ideas

The software industry is one such industry that aged like fine wine. There will be new things now and then, and a big thing will come at regular intervals to change human lives.

Today you can integrate software in any industry and cover the whole sector with your solution. The one thing you need is the “One perfect idea”.

Like any other industry, you need to find a problem and provide a solution through your software to win customers. Here is a list of 15 tech startup ideas.

1. Medical software

The medical industry is ever-growing. The global market for the medical industry is expected to cross 11 billion USD in 2025. There is a lot of demand for software solutions like

    • Managing error-free record maintenance of patients and treatment.
    • Software for enhanced collaboration between different departments in the hospital.
    • Tech solution for perfect scheduling of every working staff in the hospitals.
    • Software solutions for clinical trials like telemedicine and AI for extensive data analysis.

This software solution will make patients’ and the consultant’s lives better. It saves a lot of time for the organisation while analysing and managing extensive data.

2. CRM software

CRM is a customer relationship management software solution. It manages all kinds of relationships between the existing customers and potential customers.

CRM is one of the most profitable software startup ideas because every company needs it to streamline and optimise their interactions with customers. The CRM market is expected to hit 100 billion USD in 2028.

Top-notch CRM services can become the best investment for organisations in many different ways like

    • Enhanced customer service
    • Improved sales
    • Detailed analysis
    • Centralised access to data
    • Sales report automation

3. Ticket management service

You can create a ticket management service for booking and managing the schedules in every place like theatres, restaurants, parks and more.

These software startups can benefit both sides – the organisation and the customer.

You can look into the other TMS system and make yourself stand out by eliminating problems faced by the customers. Some usual issues are slow loading time, complicated UI/UX design and more.

4. Healthcare software

People like to take care of their health, but often their priority changes. You can create software that can impact the health and fitness industry. Some features you can think of are:

    • Adding pre-recorded exercise videos
    • Adding mental health content
    • Expanding expert support
    • Daily medicine intake reminders
    • Sitting idle identifiers

Health software startups will need good content resources and technological resources.

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5. Project management software

Remote working is the new demand in the tech industry. Many companies like Airbnb are going completely remote for better work-life balance.

During and after the pandemic, people are opting for WFH more; this leads to an essential software startup idea – Project management services. One great example of this type of service is Atlastin Jira.

You can create software for both small and large teams to increase productivity.

Some advantages of creating a Project management software are:

    • To develop great team collaboration
    • Cost-efficiency
    • Higher demand since remote work is gaining popularity

6. Credit card paying app

There are about 1 billion credit cards in the US, and the average American has more than 3 credit cards.

The number increases when the social and financial status increase. Manging each credit card on the respective bank platform is always a big deal.

You can use this problem and create a solution, a mobile app or web app, where a user can manage and pay all the credit card payments seamlessly.

This solution is unique but needs a lot of valuable content and more collaboration from different banks. On a solid note, if you have a proper plan and research, this idea will succeed.

7. AI services

The global AI market size will hit 309 billion USD by 2026.

The numbers indicate the demand. The three main characteristics of AI that make it accessible to every industry are

    • Automation of repeated works
    • Data-driven decision making
    • Rapid handling of the extensive amount of data.

So if you are planning to develop an AI software development company to integrate or develop new AI services, you are on the right path.

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8. Cybersecurity firm

With a spike in cybersecurity threats, businesses are exploring ways and means to keep their data safe and intact.

The cybersecurity industry will reach a market value of 345.38 billion by 2026. Launching a full-fledged cybersecurity tool to help businesses handle cybersecurity will be a promising startup idea.

9. Biotech services

Biotechnology is one of the complex areas to get in. Anything involving medical things should need more caution.

You can roll up your sleeves to solve the problems in the biotechnology sector, such as patenting issues, higher R&D costs and more.

Some of the ideas in the niche are

    • Design experiments
    • Data interpretation
    • Data storage
    • Result analysis

10. Fintech services

Creating software to manage finance effectively is a fundamental need now. You can create a software where people can effectively manage their money. The fintech market will touch a valuation of 150 billion USD by 2026.

If you’re plugging into fintech, make your product unique by addressing every hurdle in day-to-day finance management. Combining two or three financial services into one software will be an excellent software startup idea.

11. Cloud technology

This is another solution to meet the demand created by remote jobs. Cloud services are one essential part every company demands when hiring people from different locations. Cloud already has a market size of over 400 billion USD.

You will need to acquire both hardware (server) and software (control panel ) components of the organisations. You need to build a lot of trust in the field to build a vital cloud service software startup.

12. NFT startup

Non-fungible token (NFT) is an emerging software startup idea estimated to have a market size of over 13 billion USD by 2027.

You can create an NFT marketplace like OpenSea or launch an NFT-driven platform that helps businesses leverage the power of NFTs.

To create an NFT based software service, you need to know the basics of blockchain and NFT.

13. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is gaining popularity and traction as people and businesses depend on connected devices and smart solutions to make things easier.

With many companies joining the IoT bandwagon, the opportunities in IoT are also soaring. Like AI, you can leverage IoT to suit businesses across different industries.

For example, you can create an IoT in an ECG machine and a mobile app to record the reading every time the ECG is recorded.

The global IoT market now stands at over 478.36 billion USD, making it a sweet spot for your entrepreneurial spirit to hit the bullseye!

14. Digital marketing services

Businesses are focusing on strengthening their online presence to bag more customers. This is where a high-performing digital marketing agency can help them and make money.

You can create a digital marketing agency to offer services like

    • SEO services for websites
    • Social media marketing
    • Content marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Pay per click
    • Marketing analytics

15. Freelancing platform

Freelancing has become a new normal. Many individuals, along with their regular jobs do freelancing in their area of expertise. Many are full-time freelancers.

Statistics show that by 2028 there will be more than 58 million individuals in the USA will be doing freelancing work. So the demand to find more jobs and more freelancers will be increasing at a steady phase.

There are some reliable freelancing portals available, but the competition is still low. You can create a freelancing platform and maintain reliable customer service for the long run.


All software startup ideas are evolved to solve business problems. If you are looking to find a successful idea, look around yourself and the people around you and understand what problems they are facing. Implement deep market research before you take the plunge.

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