The purpose of developing your MVP is to validate your idea quickly and earn traction. You can either build your MVP through your in-house team or an outsourcing partner. When you outsource your MVP, you can drastically reduce your time-to-market and shrink the learning curve.

Want to know more about how outsourcing can help your MVP development? Read on.

You will learn:

      • The reasons why founders like you outsource their MVP development
      • Factors to consider when outsourcing your MVP development
      • How to plan your MVP outsourcing
      • Why outsourcing is necessary now?

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a process where a company hire a third party to perform a task or provide a service.

Factors that trigger hiring an outsider.

      • Lack of in-house experts
      • Busy in-house employees
      • Running short of time
      • Budget issues

Outsourcing serves others demands like meeting the economy, efficiency and production time.

What is an MVP?

An MVP [Minimum Viable Product] is the basic version of your product with enough features to acquire early adopters and helps you validate your idea.

Imagine you wanted to make a fully equipped bag. In order to test the customer feedback, you prepare a bag with the basic features. This test launch product is the MVP.

What should you know before outsourcing MVP development?

Outsourcing your MVP development may seem good, but you need to be well-informed of the process to get it right.

Here are certain factors you need to know before roping in an outsourcing partner for your MVP development.

1. Project scope

The first important self-question to be asked is:

How well is your product or service going to be efficient in the market space.

Before getting started with your MVP development, understand the scope of the project. It will help you in defining what is and what is not included in your project.

2. Hiring professionals

Hiring experts for your MVP development is an arduous task.

When you hire MVP development companies to develop your project, ensure that their house provides the best MVP development services.

Check beforehand if they are proficient enough to work on your project and deliver it on time.

3. Cost efficiency and quality

Outsourcing solution is a good choice for MVP development for startups.

Basically, balancing the investment is all business people struggle with. Here you have the option to compare the production price with different outsourcing companies.

When you discuss the MVP ideas with the experts, they will share the ideas on the possible growth in the sector you have chosen.

Outsourcing can let you gauge the recent market trends, productivity and MVP development cost.

4. Infrastructure

This is another major and important element to be studied before outsourcing.

Choosing the right country for outsourcing might be difficult and time-consuming, but this is the root of your success.

Be assured that they provide faster MVP development services optimised for on-time delivery.

5. Compliance

Keep tabs on abiding with the regulations on data privacy and intellectual property laws in the country of operations.

The client should discuss with the firm to guarantee the bond of laws protecting the business and the outsourcing partnership. Neglecting the protection can put you at risk.

6. Communication

The MVP development companies will assign a point of contact for you to update the status of your project on time.

The product-related queries raised by the client should be solved on time. The contact person should closely monitor the development team so that the client’s doubts are answered on the dot.

7. Culture & team management

When a firm’s business grows at a rapid speed, there wouldn’t be enough room to complete new projects at a quick pace. Outsourcing is where you can put your trust.

When outsourcing is unavoidable, look for the best place to assign your work.

Watch closely the leadership skills they adapt and the work culture they observe. The workflow will also be seamless in a place where a good and active culture is followed.

8. Resources and technology

The basics to be noted for an MVP development process are the availability of resources and advanced technology.

Discuss with the outsourcing company the tools and technologies that will help build your project.

Enquire if there are enough skilled people and up-to-date systems to meet your outsourcing needs. Focusing on such requirements can lead you to the right outsource development company.

9. Ability to meet deadlines

Timely delivery of your project is crucial to get a headstart. The outcome delivered at the wrong time can slow down your business growth.  So go for an outsourcing partner that is hellbent on meeting deadlines.

10. Liabilities

Keep an eye on reducing the liabilities as much as possible. Be minimal while choosing the core features of your MVP. This will help you save costs and time.

11. The service level agreement

This is the most vital document to be discussed when partnering with MVP development companies.

While documenting the Service Level Agreement, check if the record contains every detail precisely. This phase frees you from ambiguity, tracing more specifically about the service you will receive.

12. Authenticity

You might have in mind, what if it isn’t a trustworthy vendor. Don’t move on to agree if you are doubtful.

Check for the genuineness of the MVP development services provided by the company.

Negligence in this aspect might trouble you much if things come to light later.

You might be risking your money and precious time.

If possible, reach on-site or browse the internet to learn much about them. This background check encourages your trust in assigning a third-party vendor.

Plan your MVP Structure

Scrutinised plans can lead you to success!

Before reaching out to MVP development companies, create an outline of your product.

Discuss the MVP idea with your team. Keep an eye on the consumers’ expectations in mind.

1. Identify and understand the market needs

Look for a common problem and explore the possibilities of solutions you can provide.

Verify if there is a demand for your product in the market. The imperatives like why what and to whom should be answered.

Focus on solving the present problem while meeting the customer requirements.

Work to launch a product that stands out from your competitors.

2. Learn about the opportunities

Identify your user base.  Make a map of your user journey that will give you insights into the customer experiences.  This mapping process lets you look at the product from the customers’ perspective.

3. Chart out the positives and negatives

Figure out the user flow and create a pain and gain map to sort out the target achieved and the pain points.

This process lets you understand the greatest potential to add value and helps you choose the most impactful ones, and pin the others to your product roadmap for future updates.

4. Determine the features

Basically, a product attracts users through its features. So the best you can do is offer exciting features that interest your users.

Keep in mind the two important things in mind: the needs and expectations of the customers.

While focusing on the user demands, ensure that you are not drifting away from your goals.

Choose your developer: In-House or Outsourcing

Usually, people decide to outsource their MVP when there are fewer developers by their side. There are yet another reasons to outsource MVP development.

Maybe your in-house experts are busy with their tasks, and you might need your project delivered faster.

Sometimes your in-house employees might not be proficient enough to handle a specific project. In that case, you need a third-party developer to manage your work.

When you have decided to assign your project to an outsourcing agency or an individual, ensure that you make all the necessary enquiries regarding privacy and legal policies.

This is the biggest step you are about to take, so confirm the legitimacy of the company to avoid the risks of losing money and time.

Is outsourcing a good choice for your new product?

If you are looking for a cost-effective and time-saving product, it is a yes.

When you assign in-house experts, they might not have this project alone to be completed. They might run out of focus because many projects would run in their hands simultaneously.

Chances of negligence are high and outsourcing MVP development can save you money, and launching could be done on time.

Outsourcing is the best choice for MVP development for startups.

Sometimes you might risk losing time in training the in-house employees only for your project. This is a tiring process. But with an outsourcing partner by your side, you can get started with your MVP development hassle-free.

How to outsource your MVP development

When you opt to outsource MVP development, keep track of the progress and activities to avoid mistakes. Here are some MVP development guidelines for startups.

1. Meeting the outsourcing team

When you employ a third party for your MVP, you can meet or have a chat session with their business analysts/BA and discuss your basic idea. The MVP development company will prepare a how-to document based on your requirements. The document contains technical specifications.

2. Discussing the requirements

The technology and the tools used should be the major specifications in the listing. It also includes the libraries and other key elements needed.

3. Assign experts

Choose the best team to develop and polish your project towards perfection, adding all your required features. Develop a good relationship with a hired team to discuss the tweaks and other doubts related to their services.

4. Time management

Fix timing and know about their work culture if they would work under minimal supervision.

5. Cost and support

Compare the cost with other outsourcing agencies to avoid losing money and time. Check this before you sign the contract. Talk with the team about the support they provide. Make sure they meet your expectations of regular updates on the product progress.

6. Launch

Monitor your MVP growth and user demand after the launch. This will keep you updated with the feedback and give you an idea of where your product is headed.

Benefits of outsourcing an MVP

Expert consultation and support

An established outsourcing company will have enough experts. When choosing an in-house expert, you lose the opportunity to discuss the present market space.

Outsourcing team not only develops a valuable product, but you can also receive expert advice about the prevailing problems and how efficiently your solution will work among the users.

A determined focus on development

When you hire your own team, there is a possibility of overloading their previous heap of tasks.

The distributed focus can delay the work, whereas outsourcing offers a deep focus on your project until delivery.

Structured process

Outsourcing team usually keeps the process organised. They sort out the clear picture of the MVP after a detailed discussion with the client.

They further determine the features to be assigned and will fix the workflow.

Determining the future of the product

Discussing your product with MVP experts in your outsourcing team will help you determine the future of the product and how it would work among the users.

Rapid turnaround

As you have assigned the project to the best professionals, the work will be divided among the team members enabling faster workflow and faster product delivery.

Cost-effective process

When you outsource a team, you are hiring a team of experts that would save your time and cost, whereas hiring and training the efficient team in-house will be a long process and costly affair.

Easy project management

You will be assigned a contact person in the team. That particular member will have the updated details at his fingertips. In this way, it is easy to monitor the progress of your project.

Long-term partnership

When your project is successfully outsourced, you can hire them for future projects. You can assign the same team even if you need an updated version or additional features for your MVP.

Business expansion

Outsourcing serves another benefit of reaching out to a broader circle, like hiring personnel overseas.

You also learn the advanced technologies and tools used in the MVP development while maintaining a good relationship with third-party developers.

Provides a comfortable work environment

This is a good part, where you respect the employee’s work and family life. In this case, an overseas employer must not come to talk to you in person. They can contact you from where they are and update you about the project.

Increases productivity

Outsourcing can unload your employees’ burden as you can assign tasks to a new team which meets your expectations. This will boost your productivity.

How do startups benefit from outsourcing?

Here’s how outsourcing helps startups.

      • Reduced launch time
      • Faster software development and cost-efficiency
      • Absolute flexibility
      • On-time delivery
      • Access to top-tier developers
      • Professional approach
      • Access to different technologies

Why is outsourcing crucial in 2023?

We all know that the world is moving ahead and people expect instant results for everything they seek.

Ideas that take much time to execute will end up in failure. Yes, we are stagnant and stuck in this pandemic and the only possible and cost-effective alternative to give life to your idea is outsourcing your MVP development.

Every possible hour wasted is risky for your venture. Outsourcing is better when you have insufficient resources, fewer experts and a limited budget.

Is there a blooming idea within you? Don’t let it boom!

Thinking of whom you can rely on for outsourcing. Our team has experts have delivered successful web apps and mobile apps and are helping startups like you. Contact us to launch your idea in the market.


Employing a third-party developer to build a product is outsourcing and the product thus derived through this process is an outsourced product.

These are the possible reasons why people seek outsourcing.

    • Less in-house experts
    • To optimise budget
    • To get access to advanced technologies and tools
    • Short-time requirement

MVP development process usually takes upto 3 to 4 months, but it solely depends on the complexity of the product. It includes the add-on features, libraries, design complexities and human resources who are also part of developing the product.

Explore the market demands. Find what is currently on demand and see if there are chances for further progress in the market to the choice you have made. While planning, keep an eye on your budget too.

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