Rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the software industry has led to the evolution of image recognition apps. The amount of data on the internet is increasing day by day, and the demand for image recognition apps are growing higher.

During the pandemic, many countries have adopted image recognition and facial recognition technology to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Image recognition apps can make life easier for many peoples and organisations. The demand has made a massive market for image recognition apps.

The market for image recognition apps is predicted to hit $81.8 billion by 2026.

You read the numbers, right? The demand is really high. Every industry is trying to leverage the power of image recognition.

Here we have listed the 14 best image recognition apps in the app market. Let’s get started.

What are Image Recognition Apps/ Image Identifiers?

Image recognition apps can find a product, place or text with the help of an image.

Image identifier or image recognition apps use machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify an image and understand the picture.

Let’s say you see a nice T-shirt your friend is wearing in a photo and want to buy the same. But you don’t know where did he get it from.

Using an image recognition app, you can easily find the exact T-shirt and where it is available. Just take the screenshot of the picture and upload it to any image recognition app. Voila! You get a number of websites selling the same T-shirt!

You just need an object in front of the camera or a screenshot to search on image recognition apps.

The advantages of using image recognition apps are:

      • Avoiding accidents
      • Detecting infiltration in military services
      • Helping in the building of autonomous vehicles
      • Increased cyber security
      • Medical image analysis and more

So soon, image recognition technology will become one essential feature for every industry.

Many companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon are investing significant amounts in image recognition software.

14 Best Image Recognition Apps

Every image recognition app has its own functionality, features and ability. You can choose the best one which helps you the most.

To choose, we have listed the 14 best image recognition apps in the app market and their details.

1. Google Lens

2. Pinterest

3. Flow

4. Calorie Mama

5. Leafsnap

6. Amazon Rekognition

7. TapTapSee

8. Screenshop

9. Aipoly vision

10. Cam find

11. Google images

12. Vivino

13. Visua

14. BioID

Google Lens


A product from google is always a pioneer, but Google Lens is more than what we need.

Google first introduced Google Lens in 2017. This app can recognise more than 15 billion objects. It has more than 1 billion downloads on the Google Play store.

Google Lens has  4.4 stars out of 5 stars from 1 million reviews. Also, it supports multiple languages. Google Lens is one of the most trending apps in the image recognition market.

The app tries to recognise the object by finding labels, text, QR codes, barcodes, places, etc., in the image and display suitable information.

You just need to keep the camera focusing on the object and hold the button for a few seconds. Google’s image identifier Google lens can perform actions like:

Identify images and get the maximum details regarding the product or the text from the internet.

If you search for a product on  Google Lens, it shows all the sites selling it with the price range. It also translates language from the image using Google Translate.


Pinterest was founded in 2009, and the app has released its first version in 2012.

Pinterest has more than 500 million downloads on Google Play Store with 4.4 stars, and 4.7 stars in App Store. It also supports more than 33 languages.

Like Google Lens, Pinterest can also find and understand the image. Then the app will come up with links related to the image. It also provides links to the purchase of the product from the image.

The main area of focus of the Pinterest app is fashion, design, outfits and similar categories.


Flow is the image recognition app powered by Amazon. Flow app helps people identify products using package images or barcodes.

With the help of the cover image of a book, Amazon Flow can find a product for shopping.

This app also has the feature for decoding the barcode, QR code, email address, contact details from the images. You don’t need to type the details from the image; it can extract the details for you.

Calorie Mama

Calorie mama

In recent times people are becoming more conscious of their physical health. This led to the very innovative development of a product named Calorie Mama.

Azumio Inc first introduced calorie Mama in 2017. It reviews of 4 stars and 4.8 stars out of 5 in Play Store and App Store, respectively.

Calorie Mama is an instant food calorie recognition app. This app helps people to identify the number of calories in their food. The user just has to place the camera focusing on the food, and the app finds the number of calories and the ingredients.

It uses image classification and food AI API technology to find the calories. Calorie Mama has helped many people lead a healthy lifestyle.

Want to create an app using AI/ML? Check out our blog on “How to Create an App for Your Business Using AI/ML“.


LeafSnap was an object identifier technology developed by researchers from 3 different universities –  The Columbia University, The  University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institutions. They collectively researched and introduced facial recognition technology.

LeafSnap identifies the species of the tree or plant with the help of the leaves image. It gives a lot of knowledge to the travellers who travel often and helps a lot in the botanical field.

This app also has high-quality images of the leaves, fruits, plants and more. It also became an online plant encyclopedia.

LeafSnap app was first released by APPIXI company limited. It has more than 1 million downloads on  Play Store. LeafSnap has a review rate of 4.9 stars and 4.7 stars out of 5 on Play Store and App Store, respectively.

Amazon Rekognition

Not only objects, but Amazon Rekognition can also do facial recognition even with facial masks and headcovers. It uses high-end technology to match the face with the reference images.

Amazon Rekognition can also recognise videos.

Amazon Rekognition helps a lot with data security. It is not a free software, but it is considered one of the best image recognition tools in the industry.


TapTapSee is one of the innovations which helps people in need. It allows blind and visually impaired people to recognise objects using their camera lens with the help of a voice assistant.

TapTapSee also recognises video up to 10 seconds. When a camera lens focuses on the red ceramic cup, the voice assistant will say, you are focusing on the red ceramic mug.

TapTapSee is powered by CloudSight Image Recognition API; it has more than 1 million downloads on Play Store. The ratings for TapTapSee are 4/5 on Play Store and 4.2/5 on App Store.

It supports more than 12 languages.


Screenshop picture recognition app is completely focused on the shopping experience of the fashion industry.

With the help of Screenshop, you just have to upload a picture of any fashion apparel from any website or blog or a celebrity wearing a good piece of fashion. You will get all the relevant details like the availability, sizes, price and shipping details.

Catalogue in the Screenshop is updated continuously for a better user experience. Screenshop was first introduced by Eyayim internet alisveris ltd.

Aipoly vision

Aipoly vision is an app that helps people with visual impairment and colour blindness. Like TapTapSee, it also uses voice over to help blind people recognise the object.

Aipoly vision can recognise objects and foods, read text, identify plants or species, and recognise more than 200 colours.

Aipoly vision was powered by V7 limited and introduced in 2017.

Cam find

Cam find has a straightforward interface in picture recognition apps. You can capture an image, and the app shows all relevant information like websites, other photos, videos regarding the object.

You can also save your search to your profile and share the results with your friends in-app. Cam find is powered by CloudSight Image Recognition API.

Google Images

Along with the Google lens, Google Images are also on the list. Yes, for some other reasons.

When you upload an image on Google Images, it shows the same image with different dimensions, background and the sites where this image is used.

Google Image uses machine learning algorithms to determine the results. It is beneficial in finding plagiarism images on the internet. The only deal is you have to do it manually, but it is simple.



Wine is a universal interest, and it has its own image recognition apps. When you add or take a photo of a restaurant’s wine label or wine listing. Vivino will quickly display the details of the wine and the ratings for the wine on the Vivino app.

Vivino says they are one of the largest wine marketplaces. You can also order the wine using image recognition. Vivino will deliver the wine to your doorstep with almost care when you order wine.

Vivino has more than 50 million users. It is rated 4.6 in Play Store and 4.9 in App Store. It supports more than 15 global languages.


It has started as a Logo identifier app in the name of LogoGrab.

But the app evolved with the new name Visua, you can do Logo/Mark detection, Object / Scene detection, Text detection, Visual search, Hologram authentication.


BioID uses multi factor bio-metric authentication to verify individuals. By Using BioID, users can easily protect their information.

BioID has easy and advanced solutions to protect various hackers with login credentials. It uses face recognition to open the app when embedded.

The face recognition is saved with the face in 4 directions and uses periocular eye recognition for partially recognised faces.


This is the end of the list of the 14 best image recognition apps. Image recognition is in the early stage and the future is the prime place for this technology.

The industry is booming and these are the pioneers and best for now. Maybe many products are in progress and the future may see a big bounce. The market is very good in future and many sectors are evolving to add image identifiers in their business.

If you are looking for an app development company to get an innovative image recognition app for your business? Book a Free Consultation Now!

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