Apps have taken over the control of our daily life. There are over 3.48 million apps on the Google Play store and over 2.2 million on the App store, clearly showing the opportunities in this industry.

This shows how much the mobile application industry is booming and its opportunities. If you wish to be part of this industry, you will need a strong team that can back you in every situation.

We take pride in our amazing app development team at NeoITO. We solve our clients’ pain points in the best possible way with top of the line quality assurance.

In this blog, we will share some pro tips we learned from our long journey of creating the perfect app development team and discuss why we are unique.

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1. Creating the team

To make a quality product, you need a quality team. To ensure the quality of each new team member, NeoITO hires people through an extensive interview process. Along with the candidate’s technical skills, we assess their personality to ensure they are good team players. Experience in their respective field is an added advantage.

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Hiring talent is just the first step in creating the right team. Next, we introduce them to the company’s work culture. Based on their experience, projects are assigned to them, and a senior developer helps them in the transition process.

If the person needs more exposure to the process, they will be made a shadow developer and learn on the job. This proves very effective for young talents to see their future role in the company and hone their skills.

2. Best practices

There are so many processes involved in making a mobile app team. Based on their skills and experience, recruits are divided into React Native (RN), Flutter and Hybrid apps, which can be deployed in Android and IOs. Some crucial factors that result in optimum team performance are:

  • Task allocation

For a mobile app development team to work effectively, there needs to be proper task allocation. We have to determine each person’s tasks and when to achieve them.

At NeoITO, the tasks are either assigned by the team lead or are self-assigned. It all depends on the project at hand. We work in code sprints, and there is a virtual task board to tag our progress. Through this effective management system, we are able to provide a quick solution to our clients in the best way possible.

Everybody loves it when they get what they want; if you add speed and efficiency to that, it’s a cherry on top.

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  • Client interaction

Every client approaches you with an idea to build an app, and they have the specifics on what they want it to be. Proper client-developer interaction is necessary to produce the most accurate app. If only the project manager or team lead talks with the clients, it will be time-consuming and turn into something similar to Chinese whispers.

So to make the sessions more productive, we give the developers the chance to talk to the clients if there is a query. This helps us materialise the app effectively for the client. We promote this active interaction from our developers to ensure that our customers can be an active part of the app development process. We strive to maintain this positive relationship and have succeeded so far.

Not to sound pretentious, but our 100+ successful projects can vouch for this.

  • Single or multiple projects

Based on the experience and skill of a person, they can be assigned one or more projects, and there are single developer projects and whole team projects.

Single developer projects are the least common. Here a single developer works along with the mobile app development team of the client as support. The client is the one managing the project here.

Whole team projects are the most common. The team consists of developers, QA analysts, backend developers and anyone else the client may need to create a successful app.

Appointing a single developer or a team of developers is based on the project. If you need a whole team for the job, our avengers will assemble. Our experts will handle the resource allocation part to ensure that every client gets a premium product.

  • Bench time

Bench time is the time when a developer is finished with a product and is waiting for the next one. You have to use this time efficiently; otherwise, it could be a massive loss of human resources.

Our developers try to learn new skills and technologies during this bench time. This way, they can keep up with the fast-paced tech world and be an asset to the clients. Our developers hone their skills in such a way that they can be a help to our prospective clients in more than one sphere.

3. Company initiatives

‘All work and no fun makes you dull’.

Everybody needs some days to let off steam and enjoy their lives, and we have many initiatives that will help our employees to relax and rejuvenate.

We have tech clubs that conduct events to promote the creative side of a person. Anybody can be a part of these tech communities and share their ideas. We have a weekly mandatory session with experienced people from across the globe. They share their insights to help the young breed of developers succeed in their work.

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At NeoITO, we promote the culture of growing together. If employees wish to improve their skills, we will provide them with the necessary resources. They can choose their area of interest and select the courses they need to upskill.

4. Career Growth

Mobile application development is a vast industry with many branches like iOS app development, Android app development, Native app development and much more.

So the options for growth are also limitless. Developers can grow to be mentors, team leads, senior developers, etc. Each employee at NeoITO has a career roadmap with mentors and seniors guiding them along the right way.

App development companies require proficient developers. The growth of a developer depends on the skill and experience he gains. So to create a successful career, you need to learn new skills.

Be always on the lookout for new developments and growth in the industry; you grow as you learn. NeoITO has team development budgets that help team members enrol in courses or buy resources that help them improve their skills.

These essential team management skills will make you a great leader and help you build an excellent team.

5. External Support

There will be rare cases in an app development process where you might need extra hands on deck. Some projects need different types of resources.

For example, UI/UX designers with a certain level of creativity can enhance the user experience. This is just one scenario; there are dozens of other instances where you will need help, like in QA testing, backend development and more.

To give our clients the best experience possible, we will call for support from external sources, like from our partners. But we will acknowledge our shortcomings and make the necessary change to be self-sufficient next time.

There is another advantage: Having external developers can benefit the team’s growth. As they work with new developers, they can get more exposure to different processes and expand their horizons.


Creating a mobile app is not a walk in the park; you need to make the best possible app while keeping the target audience and client specifications in mind. But with the right app development team, even a thousand-mile run will go smoothly.

We believe in our mission to make new technology accessible to every business without compromising quality. With over 100+ successful projects from across four continents, we can proudly say that we have a great mobile app development team with us. You can also check out the case studies to read our client experiences.

Contact us today to get started with your mobile app development project. We are just a message away!

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