Creating an app is not easy and it’s often an expensive affair. But with the right steps taken, it is even possible to build your app with zero to low cost. This blog will show how you can create an app for free.

Let’s dive right in.

How to create your app for free in 9 simple steps

1. Create a plan

Draft your idea in a paper!

Jot down the key details you have researched and frame a picture of your app.

Look at each element from the customer’s point of view.

Research if someone had come out with a solution for the same idea.

Spend time researching how to make your app unique and attract customers.

Take a look at the Product Ideation Guide to Ideate Your Product. The attached template in the guide will help you write up your app idea in a frame.

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2. Choose your app name

When you are a startup, you are free to choose your app name. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while working on the app’s name,

      • Choose a short and unique name that is easy to remember and pronounce
      • App name should reflect the brand logo
      • Avoid longer names or jargon
      • Provide a global outlook even if you are not serving a global audience

There are several AI-powered name generating apps with varied specifications like focusing on spelling, translation, common terms and more.

Now fixing your app name is made easy through app name generators.

3. Learn through free tutorials

Make use of the free tutorials to get started with your app development. Several YouTube videos teach you every step to developing an app.

You can also seek the help of your developer friends to learn a few basic stuff about developing an app.

4. Choose a low-code/ zero-code platform

All humans are not coders! If you don’t know how to code, go for a low-code or zero-code app-building platform. This will help you save time by shrinking the learning curve. Many zero-code mobile app builder tools help even a non-developer build an app from scratch.

Most no-code platforms come with a drag-and-drop option that lets you create an easily. They also have different ready-to-use templates.

5. Use free versions of app development platforms

There are app development platforms with free options offering basic functionalities. You can start with them to learn what it takes to create an app.

When you are a startup, trying free versions will be a cost-efficient option. Choose a platform that offers maximum features in the free version. This will help you access different features and cherry-pick the best for your app.


If you are ready to boost your business through your own mobile app, then this is for you. This Playbook will guide you through each stage of the app development process, from top to bottom.

6. Stick to only essential features

When you’re creating an app, it’s normal to go off the tangent choosing many fancy features. But it will increase costs.

Focus only on the key features of your app. Make sure your app meets basic needs and allows access to core functionalities.

For example, if you are making an image editor app, then access to the camera application is the essential feature you must consider.

7. Use free templates

Creatively use the free templates and themes to build your app.

Startups can rely on choosing free templates because it would benefit them in two ways,

      • Helps understand how it works
      • Cost-efficiency

Customise your app themes and backgrounds to appeal to the user. Avoid funky designs. Keep the audience in mind before fixing the themes and colours.

      • Choose the right colour and font to enhance UX
      • Colour choice should not blind the layout
      • Font should be legible to read

8. Seek the help of developer communities

Building an app using a low-code or zero-code platform is not an arduous task, but with inputs from experienced developers, you can do it better.

Alternatively, you can hire an app development company to take care of your app. Though it will cost you more, you can build a full-fledged and high-performing app with their expertise.

9. Pre-launch testing

There are chances of app crashes after launch. Checking for bugs and testing before launch will solve such issues.

Testing your app will help you understand possible failures in the app.

      • Alpha testers can be used to determine the product development
      • Beta testing requires real users. Their feedback helps find the flaws within the app

The pre-launch tests will direct you to make necessary tweaks and release an error-free app.

This is crucial since your app’s first impression makes all the difference among potential users.

Can you really develop an app for free?

Well, you can technically build a basic app for free. But you cannot rely on it for business in the long term. Because a business app will need top-notch performance and seamless UX to bag more users.

Building a high-performing app with stunning customer experience requires the level of expertise only professional developers could pull off.

How much does it cost to create an app?

The cost of building an app depends on its features and complexity. The more the features, the higher the cost.

The factors affecting the cost are:

      • App features
      • Hiring costs of developers
      • Tech stack

A practical step to estimate the cost of your app is by listing down all the features and discussing them with an experienced development team.

App development cost fluctuates according to your needs, and the post-launch update also increases costs.

How can NeoITO help you build an app?

Converting your idea into a fully developed app is challenging. But it is no more a nerve-racking process when you have an expert like NeoITO to help you.

Over the years, we have successfully delivered 100+ projects across various industries. If you are seeking developers to build your app, leave your worries. We have a team of experts here. Contact us now to convert your idea into a stunning app.


App building was a tiring process earlier, but things changed in the advancing years. Here are some best free app builders that will help you build apps for your business.

    • Appy Pie
    • BuildFire
    • Shoutem
    • AppMachine
    • Appery
    • PhoneGap
    • Ionic Framework

Free apps can be developed with the help of free app builders availing a limited set of features that are available for free. Creating an app via a no-code platform is easy as it requires no coding experience, providing an easy drag and drop option.

Low-code/zero-code app development platforms help even startups create apps without learning to code.

    • Apps help to meet revenue gains
    • Helps users fulfil needs by providing convenience
    • Reaches quickly to the users as much of the population are mobile users

The percentage of success rate is not specific. Most apps fail in the beginning because of no proper planning. Inconsistent idea implementation results in poor progress and eventually fails the app.

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