“Ideas come from everything”  – Alfred Hitchcock

As Alfred Hitchcock said, ideas are everywhere, and every million-dollar idea was once simple. Looking for brilliant ideas is like analysing every single progress around us.

Now the way ideas evolve has changed. From a tech startup founder’s perspective, a promising idea can take the form of an app. For example, if you’re opening a cafe in a busy street, you may also consider developing an app to reserve tables at your cafe.

Regardless of its size, every business is looking to build its own mobile app to provide an enhanced customer experience.

There are more than 5 million apps available in the app market, and mobile apps are expected to hit a market size of more than 600 million US dollars.

Not every single app has a unique idea; most apps offer the same solution with different features, and some may just follow their pioneers in their niche.

But how do you find the right app idea that promises revenue consistently?

We have listed 15 promising and scalable mobile app ideas in this blog. These ideas are from different industries and help you get a clear picture of building your mobile app.

Let’s get started.

Brilliant App Ideas for 2022

Today, you can build a scalable mobile app from scratch even if you don’t have a technical background. This is the list of 15 brilliant mobile app ideas that you can try out in 2022.

1. Interior Design App

Ever wondered how a new sofa would look in your living room?

You don’t have to worry anymore if you have an Augmented reality app that will show how exactly the same furniture will look in your living room.

You can design your home or office space with AR-powered interior designing apps without making a single purchase.

The demand for interior design apps is slowly increasing, and these apps will be taking the  interior designing industry by storm in the future.

Also, an interior designing app can be merged with already existing e-commerce apps for an enhanced customer experience.The customers can feel the real experience of the product even before they purchase it.

2. AI and ML Empowered Health App

Since the pandemic, the medical industry has evolved, and the inclusion of technology in healthcare has been a trend. Today, hospitals and healthcare centres are willing to invest more money in technology for better results and convenience.

The future of the healthcare industry will depend more on Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML). Apps that store, analyse and provide results on the data collected from patients will become an essential part of the healthcare sector

Also, the demand for apps that help in telemedicine is increasing rapidly. Many pharma companies in clinical trials are now depending on telemedicine apps to reduce costs and store data efficiently.

3. Virtual Shopping Assistant App

Who doesn’t love shopping?

AI-based virtual shopping apps will help shoppers find the perfect fit clothes or accessories.

For example, if you are searching to find perfect sunglasses, you can use an AI-empowered app that will capture the different dimensions of your head and face and will provide you with appropriate sunglass recommendations.

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4. Parking Space Identifier

Regardless of the country or the city you live in, finding a perfect parking space is always a Herculean task.

People spend more time parking their vehicles than spending time shopping or dining in a place, every rush hour in the morning demands an app that will help you to find a parking space.

Parking space finder apps will be GPS embedded and help you find a parking space in a specified location. The apps should use webcams, location and real-time parking data to notify users of vacant parking spots.

5. Fuel Delivery App

We often run out of fuel during our journey. But imagine if there is someone with fuel by your side whenever your fuel hits zero!  On-demand fuel delivery app, like a food delivery app, is becoming necessary now.

Like a food delivery app delivering food, a truck will deliver the fuel whenever you need a fuel refill. All the drivers will be connected to an admin panel and embedded with an app and GPS for faster and more exact delivery.

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6. Tenant Finding App

Finding a good tenant is not an easy task, traditional methods provide very few choices, but tenant finding apps will give access to a large number of people searching for the perfect living space. Tenant finding app makes the life of landlords and tenants easier.

Many people find difficulty in searching for an appropriate tenant, and some will get tired of finding the living space. Addressing the pain points of both sides will never go out of demand.

The mobile app will connect the owner with people who are seeking a living space. Plus, there should be an option to choose living spaces by location, distance, space size, amenities and rent.

7. Storage Finder App

We all have something in our home that is of no use and consumes a lot of space. But we may not have the guts to dump it for some reason.

Ever wondered how do you get rid of it?  Then you probably have an amazing app idea.

Building an app that will help people find an appropriate space to keep their useless stuff may seem a little offbeat, but it is a promising business idea.

The space owner can post the availability with a pic, location and area of the space along with the rates, and people who want to use the space can book it through the app. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

8. Health Symptoms Tracker

People are more confused about their health symptoms more than ever. Especially after the pandemic kicked in.

An app that will help them identify the disease and its symptoms is a promising idea.

This kind of app can work in two ways.

      1. You can enter a disease name and find the list of symptoms associated with the disease.
      2. You can enter the symptoms you have, and the app will find the disease related to your symptoms.

The app can be equipped with GPS tracking activity to show you the exact locations you have travelled, which comes in handy during emergencies like pandemic outbreaks.

9. Audio-Based Social App

Social media apps have evolved year by year; once there was a time messaging apps dominated people’s lives, then came image sharing apps, followed by short video apps. Now the next trend is audio-based social apps.

Already there is Clubhouse which is a huge hit. So an audio-only app idea will most likely be a winner.

In this app, you can add an option where people can share audio files and create a channel for a specific genre. You can get followers and create separate audio content threads serving a set of audiences.

The trend may slowly move from short videos to audio. Many people like audio more than videos.

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10. Trip Planning and Budgeting App

Holiday trips with family are always joyful. But planning them according to the budget, weather and more is not much comfortable.

What happens when a travel app can do all the panning works according to the details you provide. The user just enters the starting and ending date, budget and location. The app will serve as a local guide and plan your trip according to your requirements.

This app can give details regarding locations like the weather and essential places to visit during the travel.

11. Donation App

Donation apps connect people who are in need to people who give.

Let’s say a small community in rural needs a school to be built. With the help of an app, you can post a donation portal with the details for the donation. People worldwide can donate according to their capability to fulfil their needs.

From 1000 dollars to 1 million dollars, anything can be collected with the help of a donation app.

People are in need after the pandemic. This kind of app will also serve the community with a good cause, and the cheating in between will be significantly reduced. With an app like this, the needers can easily access the givers.

12. Price Comparison App

People love buying products at a low price and always look for discounts.

Price comparison apps will give users the price details of the same product on different websites or stores. Users don’t need to visit a separate website or e-commerce app to find the prices.

They can compare similar products and price ranges to find the best price to buy. The pain point addressed is the hectic job of visiting every website to find the price of the same product.

13. Advanced Ed-Tech App

Apps to educate people are everywhere. Some apps offer live classes and recorded classes.

The demand for education apps with the tasks regarding the studies, including gamification for easy understanding, is in heavy demand. The education app market is expected to hit $70.55 billion in 2025.

Building an app with significant user interaction and gamification is an excellent app idea for the future.

To address the pain point, you will need high-level tech; you can easily approach a product development company to assist you in building the next level ed-tech product.

14. Sports Learning App

Sports learning apps are helpful to people with hectic schedules.

With the help of these apps, people can just select their favourite sports and start to learn at their ease.

The users can also choose the levels like beginner, intermediate and pro. These apps can connect with high-level experts in the respective sports to give tips and coaches.

15. Toy Exchanging App

People invest a lot when it comes to their children. This law also applies to toys they buy for their kids. The large amount invested in the toys will be of no use when the kids grow, and also, kids get quickly bored of a toy.

The toy exchange apps will have the ease of exchanging a toy with the other toy the kid needs for the time being. Also, the parents who cannot afford the toys can find the same product with less usage at affordable rates.

Parents can put the old toys in exchange and get a new variety of toys in another hand. This saves a lot of money for parents and gives joy to the children.


The primary purpose of building an app is to provide a solution to the users and earn a profit for yourself. Some simple ideas may seem simple but will have heavy demand.

These 15 app ideas are in emerging states, and they will have a good market in the future.

Before jumping straight into building an app, try to validate your idea or consult with us to know how your app idea will hit the market.

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Bonus FAQs

1. How do I validate my idea?

You can validate your idea by researching the competitors. Building an MVP will be an excellent way to validate your idea if you have funding.

2. How to develop an app idea?

Look for ideas in day to day life. When you use an app and feel it is better if it has these features, this may serve as your next app idea. Take a look some profitable tech startup ideas.

3. How do you make an app interesting?

Build an app with a good user interface. Make the app easy for both users and admins. Try to add good visuals and gamification for better results. Check out mobile usability issues and solutions to give your users the best experience.

4. Which type of app is in demand?

Healthcare, Gaming, Transportation, and education apps have high demands. Streaming and dating apps have seen a rapid demand in recent times.

5. What is the most successful app?

Success is not defined by a single day. It took a lot of time to build the perfect apps we use today. Also, considering the numbers, Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter are some of the most successful apps of recent times.

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