The commercial sector needs to be more active in recognizing the benefits of AI and machine learning. Such fantastical ideas need to be updated due to the widespread availability of low-cost and powerful computing technology and large amounts of publicly available big data. The incorporation of AI and ML into regular life is now expected. Software as a service (SaaS) is mainly responsible for this revolutionary shift, which explains why AI and ML have grown so popular in recent years.

Google CEO Sundar Pachai spoke at a recent event organized by Humanity Issues. He educated the audience that the impact of AI and ML might be even more significant than that of the invention of the light bulb and the electric current. This article delves into how SaaS businesses want to implement AI and ML into their future endeavors.

SaaS companies stats

  • As reported by Gartner, the worldwide revenue potential of the software as a service industry is $195 billion.
  • In the most critical European areas, the value of the SaaS market is predicted to double during the next several years.
  • By 2023, the value of the Japanese software as a service market is projected to reach more than ¥1.5 billion.
  • The number of Indian companies offering SaaS has grown by almost 75% during the previous two years.

The SaaS market today

The rapid growth of the SaaS market has been in recent years. The term “software as a service” or “SaaS” refers to businesses that host and distribute software to customers through the Internet. Instead of downloading the software to their local device, the user is accessing and launching it directly from the provider’s server through a SaaS model.

As per the data, in 2020, the global SaaS industry was worth $113.82 billion. From USD 130.69 billion in 2021, the market is expected to reach USD 716.52 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 27.5%. The SaaS industry will grow slower than in recent years. Today’s most successful SaaS businesses are planning for the next big thing.

SaaS solutions where AI/ML can help

SaaS companies frequently employ AI and ML. The corporate world has just begun to take an interest in this sector. The following are a few SaaS apps that rely heavily on AI.

Personalization using AI

As a result of constant innovation in the business world, there is no longer a single best way to provide customer service. Today’s successful businesses understand their customers as unique individuals. Customization is also significant for SaaS companies.

Now, the question is: how can you even begin to adopt individualization? To what extent may the behaviors of a large customer base be studied in aggregate, and what means exist to do so?

It would be challenging to devote much time and effort to this. With AI-SaaS integration, you can review all the data your consumers create while using your product.

It’s an excellent tool for gaining insight into your consumers’ motivations. Doing so might help you better categorize your clientele. Use data gleaned from individual users to create more relevant features.


SaaS has also facilitated advances in automation. Seeing that it simplifies the management of several advertising activities across multiple channels, it helps track the success of SaaS companies. Maintaining leads, dividing up charges, and keeping customers happy are all aided by the entire process.

Chatbots that may assist site visitors are a prominent example of marketing automation. If you analyze a chatbot’s questions, you can deduce a lot about its behavior and whereabouts. Your advertising team can get qualified leads using this strategy.

Product search

SaaS providers analyze the data for product discovery to deduce the user’s purpose. For instance, why go to the trouble of searching for a car on the Internet? Is he looking for a car or automobile parts?

Analyzing the search’s context and a product’s reaction can help businesses meet customers’ demands better. Metrics such as link click-through rate and the number of items sold are helpful in this context. Data may be used to create charts showing how different products are related to the same questions.

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Release management

The financial impact of a single, widespread fault in the code powering a SaaS might be catastrophic. The ability to deploy rapidly can be helpful, even though there are other factors to consider, such as credibility and responsibility. In a cutthroat industry, the difference between leading and following might be who reaches out to others first.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the coding process for SaaS developers by automatically running all of the necessary tests to guarantee that their code is error-free.

AI inspections of a SaaS’s capacity to handle thousands of users can reduce deployment timelines from weeks to days. Docker is an example of an AI-powered SaaS tool, running tests and analyzing code automatically so that new versions may be released quickly.

Enhanced security

To stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat of cyber attacks, companies must invest in ongoing research and development for their SaaS products. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence can shift from a reactive approach to cybersecurity to a proactive one, allowing for more effective protection against the constantly evolving landscape of malicious software.

Cybersecurity experts are “teaching” AI-enabled systems to spot suspicious behavior in the online world. Today’s AIs are so advanced that they can detect previously unknown cyber threats, such as new infections. If malware ever compromises your SaaS product’s backend systems, this approach can help restrict the damage. Using these AI systems’ predictive analytics to prepare for future threats would be best.

Improved customer engagement

It may be challenging to establish the extent to which a customer disengages from a SaaS supplier. Your product serves as the primary channel of communication with the end user. Close attention should be paid to how often a particular customer uses a product and makes purchases. Use both predictive analytics and machine learning to improve your results.

Using machine learning to foresee your customers’ behavior, you may understand whether they are losing interest in your brand.

Customer feedback can help you figure out how to address their complaints best. Insights gained from machine learning may be used in SaaS to engage clients just before they decide to cancel.

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Some AI SaaS startups to watch for in 2023

Artificial Intelligence in SaaS startups is on the rise as these companies aim to improve their products and services by leveraging the power of AI. This section will look at some of the most popular and innovative AI-powered SaaS startups worth keeping an eye on.


To keep their networks safe from harm, businesses may rely on CrowdStrike’s AI to help detect threats as they emerge in real-time. With this service, users may see suspicious behavior before a full-scale attack occurs. Organizations can then take the appropriate measures to prevent harm to their data.

Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab is a reliable SaaS option for those working with technology and data. Additionally, they compile information from testing various AI models and components for use by the AI community. Moreover, they research the SaaS application industry to find the best deployment strategy for businesses looking to implement AI and data science.

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Shift Technology

Shift Technology is unrivaled in providing cutting-edge cybersecurity and IT services to businesses of all kinds. They fuse advanced mathematical techniques with artificial intelligence to provide the most reliable economic forecasts.

In addition, they use their data science skills to help any company instantly identify any fraudster networks or cyber threats. Nevertheless, the online retail and insurance sectors are among their most favored prey. Their solutions are accessible to customers through a SaaS model on their cloud computing platform.


Using AI, Apptio is a SaaS company that offers guidance on licensing, strategy, and capital expenditures to other SaaS enterprises. They use AI to advise other companies on the best service for their resources. To simplify the adoption and use of third-party financial systems, Apptio’s SaaS method combines AI-generated insights.


Uniphore is an AI conversation solution provider that offers its software as a service. This is helpful for many businesses. Computer vision, speech AI, and emotional tone work together to bring each AI conversation to life. Companies frequently implement these systems to serve their clientele.


Integrating AI, ML, and IoT can benefit much for SaaS companies. As a SaaS company, one can leverage these technologies to streamline operations, improve customer service, increase revenue, and stay ahead of the competition.

NeoITO can be an excellent solution for SaaS companies looking to implement these technologies. We provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform to help companies with AI-SaaS integration quickly and efficiently into their business processes.

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