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Style guides and learning materials for devs, to build lightning-fast web apps rocket | HTML | CSS | JS | REACT

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React redux with saga starter built on new create-react-app.

Javascript 4 3


A boiler plate for a rest api with nodejs

Javascript 2 1


Set of scripts / tools that adds a bit of flavour to dev work.

Shell 2


Creating kanban with trello like interface.

TypeScript 1


Dependency Injection Framework with Custom Compiler


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November 26,2020

Introduction to Rapid HTML Development using Tailwind CSS

Tailwind is an easily customizable CSS framework for maintainable and scalable responsive web development. The building blocks of Tailwind is a large set of primitive utility classes...

12 Sep 2020

Bootstrap 5 alpha - The first UI Kit for the latest Twitter’s Bootstrap 5

What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is the most popular free and open-source CSS framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development...

October 13,2020

Write Schema Without Schema Markup Generator

Schema markup generators won't write the entire code for you. They just help you to add the basic tags (4-5 features) for your schema. Let's see how we can write schema...

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