The waves of Covid have tsunami-d the old norms of every industry known, and education was no exception.

Many innovative educational app concepts have sprung out due to the growing popularity of distance learning and edtech.

Learning through games and quizzes, engaging with teachers virtually, and even completing school assignments online have all been made possible by educational applications.

The growing popularity of educational apps has impacted both students and instructors. Surely, We will mourn the days of school and teachers.

But as the saying goes, “out with old, in the with new.”

Many educational institutions are dipping into their budgets to acquire innovative educational technology solutions to keep pace with the ever-changing digital world.

Now is a great moment to get into the lucrative field of e-learning platforms.

Many new startups and large corporations are searching for new education startup ideas. As a result, we’ve compiled this list.

Consider some of these innovative education app ideas if you’re looking for new ways to profit from your startup.

Why educational apps?

benefits of elearning apps

Educational applications continue to impact students and instructors alike, even in the post-COVID age.

Online learning and educational platforms provide you with the flexibility to choose certification courses from local and international schools. Scholastic Media has transformed student perspectives to complete assignments and take quizzes.

Educational app development companies are preparing for the expected growth of educational apps by 2022 and beyond.

There are many app ideas for students around a single concept, or you can combine several images to create a complete platform. But determine the technology stack you intend to utilise before investing in full-fledged educational software (Android, iOS, Windows, desktop, smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Learning from apps that exist is a simple yet powerful first step you can take. Best educational app ideas for startups will not come to you out of the blue, you need comprehensive research.

Apps that make studying exciting

If you’re starting an ed-tech company or thinking about starting one by creating an educational app, be sure to go through the simple and lucrative app ideas shown here.

Students and educators will benefit from these suggestions since they will have better resources at their disposal, and you can be a part of a better tomorrow.

1. AR-based education app

Just imagine how awesome it would be if you could really experience the Webbs telescope view of the cosmic cliffs and star births. WOW!

Augmented reality (AR) educational software allow instructors to teach and explain a topic with a more hands-on experience.

Teachers, with the aid of the AR software, can give a 3D view of the instructional application to pique the interest of their students and help them study scientific topics and activities more realistically.

There are a variety of AR-based apps that our app development team can create, including those for Android and iOS that use RealityKit for augmented reality education applications.

2. Question and answer apps

Question and answer apps designed using textbooks and guides as a source of information is an exciting app idea that hasn’t been ventured into much.

It empowers students to formulate answers based on their understanding rather than parroting questions and answers given during sessions.

You may create a platform where students can post chapter-by-chapter questions and answers with the assistance of e-learning apps

In addition, you can create a specific segment with additional and challenging questions and answers for better preparation by gaining references from past year’s question papers.

Incorporate image recognition to take a picture and get the answer app feature to exponentially increase user experience.

You can add test features to help students to understand their progress and work on their weak points.

Are you concerned about the expense of developing an educational design application?

Extra tip: Here is all the information you’ll need about the cost of building an eLearning mobile app.

3. Language learning app

If you’re seeking educational app ideas for students, consider developing language learning applications.

For example, Duolingo is an excellent software for students who want to learn a new language online. Students may have fun while learning German, Spanish, or English grammar and vocabulary via engaging exercises and games.

Students may learn a new language in as little as 20 minutes daily. Lessons are organised thematically in this app. The game introduces seven brand-new words and awards skill points for completing each level.

As a bonus, students may assess their strengths and shortcomings to determine where they need to devote more time and energy.

4. Vocabulary app

To pass exams like the SAT’s, you must improve your language skills.

To help students improve their vocabulary while keeping their study time enjoyable with an app that has word games, riddles, and quizzes is a pretty good option.

People need to have a reliable word bank to communicate their views. With an effective vocabulary-enhancing tool, you may learn new words and fix your spelling, pronunciation, orthography, and sentences.

Include prefixes and suffixes, as well as the word components and terms discussed, in a flashcard function in your app. This helps applicants keep track of their progress and grasp every word’s context.

5. Student performance tracking app

Developing a student monitoring app that allows parents to keep tabs on their children’s progress, attendance, conduct, or other characteristics is the focus of our fifth mobile app idea.

In addition to connecting parents and instructors, this software may be used to pay tuition online with a single click and keep track of the schedule for tests and lectures for students.

One eliminates the need for many applications, such as attendance or test apps, because you can provide all necessary updates via this single app. Consider building an app to track student performance if you’re seeking an original idea for an app.

6. A career guidance app

Create an app to assist students to achieve their professional goals.

Many students stand between a rock and a hard place when trying to figure out what to do for a successful career.

We can fix that with competent professional assistance. A career counselling app can help them make the appropriate decision to develop a profession they desire and succeed in it.

Keeping a feature of professional assistance for students, who may discuss their concerns and receive counsel on their career route, can help your app get a more personalized approach.

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7. Preschool app

In keeping with the name, preschool apps are meant to assist children in getting ready to enter the formal education system.

Learning is a natural part of children’s lives. Preschool apps allow parents to educate their children at a lower cost.

Best educational apps for elementary students are in high demand because they help children learn quickly. Many preschool platforms offer cartoon characters and melodies that appeal to children.

Preschoolers can also be taught using this app by teachers. Startups have many options to take advantage of the growing interest in preschool among parents, teachers, and children.

Depending on the educational startup’s marketing approach, a preschool app concept might be marketed to parents or instructors.

8. Games and quiz apps (Educational)

It’s challenging to keep the students engaged throughout the course. Why not offer an educational game and quiz app to hold their interest? Nothing beats a game-oriented app for rapid and dynamic learning.

Small games and tests on English language, communication, general knowledge, current events, and mental math problems to spice it up.

Students will have a more memorable experience learning theory this way. Furthermore, people of all ages may enjoy this quiz and game software.

Owning a game and quiz application is a general app idea; nevertheless, if you have an original and exclusive app idea that has never been utilised before, you should patent it immediately so that it is not susceptible to theft or cloning.

9. School bus app

Parents and school officials can follow the school bus in real-time using a new app idea. The driver’s current location and the bus’s speed may be tracked in real-time.

Additionally, parents can schedule reminders for themselves to ensure that their children are picked up and dropped off on time. Schools can create an app for parents that provides additional protection and convenience.

10. E-books reading app

If you can get your hands on a vast collection of books and read them online for a reasonable price, this is one of the most exemplary educational app ideas you’ll likely see after 2022.

Regarding academics or any other competitive test, you may create a platform for students, professors, and other job seekers to gather and learn from one another.

The user experience may be improved by completing a short introduction to the book (material or audio), giving the user an extra benefit to download and read the books offline or other options.

Those who can’t buy higher-priced publications would benefit much from this app.

11. Competitive exam apps

Without the assistance of a tutor, preparing for a difficult exam is nearly impossible. To qualify for their self-assessment, students must first find the proper syllabus and reference book from various online resources.

There is no better way for students to prepare for a competitive exam than by providing them with an app to learn something every day: a list of reference books or eBooks; the curriculum; and the opportunity for them to take practice exams.

12. Personal teacher or tutor app

It’s a simple yet novel concept to create an on-demand tutor application that allows kids or their parents to engage with instructors on any topic at any time.

They can select from a list of tutors and teachers to meet with the one they feel most comfortable with. Students may choose any instructor or tutor they desire, whether they want to learn online or face-to-face.

Though this may not seem like the best educational app idea for students all on its own. Additional features you can add can certainly make a difference in its usability.

13. Online attendance tracking apps

Attendance is just as vital as learning, and if we’re going to transform education digitally, why not also digitise attendance?

Ed-tech focuses on apps for students, but there is also an opportunity for you to build an app for schools and educational institutions in this.

One cannot afford to take any shortcuts regarding their organisation’s attendance and student management system, regardless of whether the establishment is a school, college, university, coaching institution, or organisation.

Attendance monitoring may be done digitally with a complete and secure Attendance App, which can be used for online and offline sessions.

A system allows students to register their presence in class as soon as they arrive by automatically recognising their facts in real-time.

14. An app for disabled kids

If you’re in the educational technology sector, you might want to think about developing a mobile app for children with special needs. Children with disabilities can learn and study at home with the help of a mobile device.

Disabled students will benefit from this app’s development since they can participate in live lessons and real-time connections with professors even if they cannot attend their regular classes and lectures.

The software will bridge teachers and students with disabilities, allowing them to study daily.

So, if you come up with a novel idea for an app, it will help you stand out from the others.

15. A storytelling app

What if you came up with an app that featured a variety of stories, as well as animated videos?

Children still learn morals through storytelling sessions, which are being organised by school administrators today. In this case, you can also include a moral at the end of the narrative.

Students will find classroom learning more exciting and enjoyable. This is the best educational app idea for startups because it provides a huge scalability option.

You can tweak the videos to include educational content for all spectrum of users.

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Build an educational app right now

Long-term education startup ideas open the door to many exciting opportunities for the future. Investing in future generations’ education helps them become brighter and better and tap their boundless potential.

With the right software development partner, you can build an educational app that’s pleasing to look at and, at the same time, help children learn things much faster.

Educational applications allow children to express themselves more openly, which benefits them. With these education app ideas, you can pave the way for a seamless learning experience for everyone.

Has your educational app idea been finalised by now? Let’s jump on board with the mobile app revolution and change the world together. Contact us to get a free consultation now!

FAQs about education app ideas

Which is the best educational app idea for startups?

You may create various educational applications, such as a private tutoring app or a flashcard app for students with special needs.

When it comes to instructional apps, what should be included?

Mock tests, comments and corrections should be available to students throughout the learning process on an app. The user’s experience can be further enhanced if the app responds to their study habits and approaches or addresses their inquiries as quickly as possible.

Developing educational software is a complex process.

  • Enter the name of your educational software here.” Use your company’s colours and emblems to customise the look and feel of your instructional app.
  • Incorporate the elements your educational app need.
  • Launch and test your app on the iOS and Android platforms.

What are the benefits of educational apps?

The interactive nature of educational applications makes them appealing to all ages. 

Knowledge augmentation, tailored learning experiences, increased engagement, easy access to online study material and remote access are just a few advantages of an educational app.

How much can you earn from educational apps?

Custom app development companies can monetise educational software through a white-label collaboration. The brand name can be sold for a profit if the instructional software is successful and becomes well-known.

Is it expensive to develop an educational app?

The expense of creating an educational app will change according to your features and the software development company you are working with. There is no fixed price, but you can lower it. Choosing the best software development is where you can save money. 

Click here to read more about the educational app development cost. 

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