For many years coding has remained a hurdle for many people who wish to make their app dream a reality.

But now, you can create awesome apps with absolutely zero coding knowledge.

Not to discourage the developers all around the world, coded apps are truly magnificent, but when something truly remarkable as this comes along, we have to give it the credit it deserves.

Gartner’s researches state that 70% of new applications developed will be low-code or no-code by 2025. Now the power resides with the common people, and they can create technical solutions to solve their everyday problems.

Everything is not bright and sunny with low-code apps, and you can read more about that in the infographic below.

And if you still want to know about those in detail, check out our blog on how to create an app without coding.

If you want to begin your app development journey, you’ll need to choose the right platform. This infographic will give you a bird’s eye view of the top platforms, and you be the judge of the best one.

Read on for seven options that might be right for you.

app building tools infographic


Innovative tools have dissolved technological barriers and offer power to those seeking them. The app development sector, predominantly based on coding, has opened its doors to people with great app ideas through no-code platforms.

Choosing the right platform that compliments your app idea and business plans is the key ingredient in using these platforms. The tools mentioned above have minimal coding requirements, and most of them are free to use.

Everything said and done, finding an expert who can help you through the whole app development phase is still the best option if you have the resources. Tech partners like NeoITO will be able to help you through that journey with ease.

Now to get started on your app development journey, you can check out our blog for the complete details on these platforms or if you want help with your app development, book a free consultation with us.

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