One of the important decisions you will take before starting any software development process is choosing the apt platform to develop. You need to consider several factors before you decide on one.

Many choose the platform with which their developers have the expertise; some rely on the factors the website or app demands. Either side demands some experienced and skilful developers.

Before choosing a language or library, appropriate knowledge will make your decision-making a lot easier.

In this blog, we compare React and Next.js to help you choose the right choice for your software development project.

What is Next.js?

Created by Vercel, Next.js is an emerging Javascript library where you can create responsive static websites, and single page applications.

Next.js is open-sourced and dependent on Node.js and babel. And it works on top of the React. It is easy to use the platform, and the websites created using next.js perform well. .

It has many compelling features like SSR, Typescript support, built-in CSS support, Preview features, fast refresh and minimum configuration. These features cover what react has been missing for years.

What is React?

React is the widely used web development platform which has testimonials like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

React is a library in Javascript. With React, you can build very responsive user interfaces for your software product. React is more a library than a framework.

React is used to create dynamic websites, mobile apps, single-page applications, and data visualization tools.

Next.js and React Infographic


If you ask which one is better between Next.js and React, the answer will be that it shouldn’t be a question.

Each has its pros and cons and is best used on different websites. Before choosing a platform, always look into the project requirement and your developer’s expertise for better results.

Both platforms provide immense freedom for developers to show their creativity and skills. If you are not a technical person and still have a fantastic tech idea, you can easily approach any software product development company to develop your software product on your chosen platform.

We hope this infographic blog gave you an idea about Next.js and React. To understand better, have a look at the detailed blog on Next.js vs React.

Next.js or React? Still confused over which platform to choose for your project? We’d be happy to help you. Talk to our experts now.

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