Every project needs to be handled differently. We tailor make and improve on the existing methods to best suit the project requirements.

How We Do It

We have a tailor-made approach for every project with the Agile Development Model at the core of it. We break down each complex project into smaller sprints and complete each sprint as separately deployable modules. At each stage, customer feedback is taken and accounted for which makes for exceptional progress and happy customers.

Initial Discussion

Schedule an in-person meeting or video VoIP session to discuss project requirements, possible challenges and expected cost and timeline.

Project Confirmation and Kick Off

Contract signing and start of the full SDLC.

Complete Requirements Gathering

Business Analyst will gather requirements from the customer and understand and align with the customer’s vision for the product.

BRD Preparation (including Flow charts and mockups)

Thorough documentation of project requirements with detailed flowcharts and mockups for customer’s approval


Design will be based mockup by the Business Analyst that has been approved by the customer for best User Experience.


Development is done in sprints depending on project size. Each sprint consists of design, development and testing.


Modules from each of the sprints are integrated to provide whole functionality to the app. Now the application is ready for the testing process.

Internal Testing

The Business Analyst will head the testing process based on the Business Requirement Document. Once the process is done, customer UAT starts.

Customer UAT

The customer UAT is the most important process because customer satisfaction and happiness is the sole reason Neoito exists


After passing the customer UAT, the application is readied for deployment. Deployment is either done on client servers or a cloud solution as per need.

User Manual Preparation and Hand Over

A user manual is prepared for the functionality of the application for customer reference.