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We’re an active bunch. We organize events on various topics like design, development, management and anything that helps us help you.

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No upcoming events in the near future.
You have to be patient for now and check out some of our past events below.

past events
Google I/O Extended 2019 Watch Party - Trivandrum
We are super stoked to announce that the nullcast crew will be hosting this years Google I/O Extended 2019 event! Google live-streams this event and encourages other communities to hold live watch-parties. In Trivandrum, we take this opportunity to stream the keynote from Google, but also to pull together the developer, design, and entrepreneur community. Oh BTW, for those who haven't heard about nullcast. We're the new kids on the "dev community" block. We publish sweet programming content, in "byte-sized" portions over at Holla at us. We're a friendly bunch.

                  Google I/O Extended 2019 Watch Party - Trivandrum
Introduction to NativeScript
Developer Expert for NativeScript Shiva Prasad is hosting a session on building crossplatform mobile apps using Nativescript. NativeScript is an open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript, or JavaScript. Join us on Feb 5, 11 AM at the Neoito office.

                          NativeScript talk by Shiva Prasad, Developer Expert for NativeScript
Session on Typography by Abhilash Anandan, Branding and UX of Neoito
Abhilash Anandan, heads branding and UX at Neoito conducted a session on Typography for web on 06th January 2018. He shared his UX experience with the audience. He started his session with the need for typography

Session on Dependency Injection by Faiz M H, CEO of Neoito
Faiz M H, CEO of Neoito Technologies conducted a session on Dependency Injection on 16th December 2017. His experience as software architect was shared with the audience. He started the session with dependency injection design patterns and frameworks.

                          Dependency injection