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NeoITO has been part of the Silicon slope tech community for more than 6 years delivering high-performance hybrid and cross-platform apps to multiple startups and fortune 50s enterprises.

Why We Are the Best Mobile App Development Company in Utah?

We have a wealth of experience in working in domains ranging from Healthcare to Transportation and more. Our mobile and web apps are used by some of the biggest companies in the world like Facebook, LinkedIn, IKEA, etc, with a user base of more than 1 million per month.

Our Mobile App Development Services

We deliver cost-effective turnkey solutions tailored to woo your customers.

  1. React Native Development

    A Facebook developed open-source framework that uses JavaScript, React Native is used to build native mobile applications. It is one of the most advanced cross-platform frameworks that help to build apps simultaneously in both iOS and Android.
    Our experts can deliver top quality React Native apps with a quick turn around time and lower costs without compromising on performance.

  2. Flutter App Development

    Flutter is Google's open source mobile app SDK used to build top-notch experiences on both Android and iOS. It's based on the Dart programming language. Flutter can deliver beautiful user experiences while also speeding up the development process. Having adopted Flutter since its inception our developers are experts in building mobile applications for startups and businesses looking for that first to market advantage.

  3. Ionic App Development

    Ionic is used to build apps with native look and feel. It uses Angular, JavaScript, HTML and CSS for developing cross-platform and hybrid applications using a single codebase. It's one of the most popular cross-platform technologies thanks to its developer friendly nature and a host of native compatible tools to support developers.
    Our rich experience in Ionic and Angular helps us to leverage it highly customisable themes and components to build beautiful user interfaces.

Our Technology Stack

The mobile and web apps we build use only the latest technologies available to deliver state of the art experiences across multiple platforms without breaking the bank.


Why Choose Us?

  1. Building Partnerships

    We focus on long-term partnerships that centre on mutual success and growth.

  2. Lightning-Fast Apps

    Speed is everything and that's where we deliver. Our apps are built for performance and deliver a seamless experience on all platforms.

  3. Transparent Process

    Our clients are part of our development process and receive daily updates on project progress. Our clients can directly communicate with the developers to put forward their suggestions and ask questions.

  4. High-Calibre team

    We have a talented group of individuals coming together to elevate each other's strengths and deliver amazing apps.



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Our Portfolio

As one of the best Mobile App Development Agency in Utah, our solutions have helped some of the best in the industry to achieve their goals.

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