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Empowering entrepreneurs transform their ideas into scalable products.

As an entrepreneur, you are a problem solver.
But who will help you solve your problems - from developing products to raising funds?
That’s where NEEP helps you through a shared-risk and reliable tech equity partnership.
We do this by issuing NeoITO SAFE Note and providing you with all the resources to create a scalable product - from development to community support.

How does it work?

Imagine you have an amazing product idea. We’ll help you develop your product at a discounted price in exchange for future equity. For example, if your product development cost is $100,000 over a period of 1-2 years, we’ll charge you only 50% of the actual amount, which is $50,000. The remaining $50,000 will serve as the basis for determining the principal value of the NeoITO SAFE. That principal value will convert into equity of your company once you raise funds, at a price per share determined by those future investors. It’s as simple as that.

How does NEEP help you get funded?

Through NEEP you will be able to develop scalable products, which in turn increases your startup’s valuation and helps attract potential investors. In the past, we have seen entrepreneurs spend 100K over a year for software development at NeoITO and usually get funded at 5-10M USD valuation. This way, NEEP helps your company grow faster with lower upfront costs.

What is NeoITO SAFE?

NeoITO SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) Note is a customized financial instrument for the UK and US-based companies to build their products at an affordable price in exchange for future equity.

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I am not from the United States or the United Kingdom. Will I be eligible for NEEP?

Presently, NEEP is only available for startups in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, we have equally exciting options for companies from other countries.

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What if I am interested in compensating NeoITO with equity instead of the NeoITO SAFE option?

We also work in exchange for an equity basis or convertible notes. Let’s talk to know more.

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Affordable product development

On a tight budget? We have got you covered. Build scalable products at a super-affordable price that fits your budget and save big on the development cost.

Interest-free & flexible

Shrug off your worries of paying the interest. NEEP is completely interest-free and offers flexible SAFE terms to help you thrive.

Exclusive founder’s network

Get exclusive access to our Tech Founder’s Circle. Connect with like-minded people including top entrepreneurs, investors and advisors that could transform your startup journey. Build meaningful relationships and be part of empowering conversations. Want to discover more about our community?

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Highly active tech community

Hit a hurdle? We’d be happy to help you. Get all your tech barriers sorted through Nullcast, our prolific tech community of cream of the crop developers with tons of expertise in different tech stacks. Want expert tech advice on your product?

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Minimum risk. Maximum Support

We minimize your entrepreneurial risk and put you in a safe spot by being a reliable tech partner that helps you with product development and community support. When we give you a discount in exchange for future equity, we also take a considerable risk to nurture your startup. Because at heart, we are all entrepreneurs!

See how we helped companies like Waitwhile raise $12M in series A funding.

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Success Stories

Over the years, we have worked with many entrepreneurs like you to help them build amazing products and raise millions of dollars in funding from top investors.

What Founders say about NEEP

Waitwhile has seen tremendous growth scaling our revenues by 5X and tripling our number of paid customers. NeoITO has been a great development partner and important contributor towards our success.

Christoffer Klemming

CEO, Waitwhile

NeoITO has been instrumental in our journey. We have scaled from literally zero to a healthy 8 figure valuation within roughly a year's time.


Managing Partner, Daily AI

Their goal is to operate for startups the way a high-powered organization would operate for a corporation.

Jesse Cruz

Founder, Cruz Street

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