Goetzpartners is an independent advisory firm for all key issues of entrepreneurial activity: strategy, M&A and transformation. The combination of corporate finance and management consulting creates sustainable added value when determining valid courses of action, reaching decisions and implementing them.In 2016, Goetzpartners - Nokia wanted to launch a headcount planning tool for Nokia organization. Our customer wanted an intuitive way to measure Business Unit (BU) performance across the world with a geographic visualization. Each BU had their performance fact sheet and needed to be consumed for measuring performance.


Goetzpartners wanted to help Nokia track their employee head count (HC) all over the world. Currently they do not have any system to monitor their offices. They required an app which could showcase all their sites and the HC. They wanted to be able to compare different sites and regions based on criteria such as HC, finances etc. They were unable to track the HC changes, and green book related facts per site. They approached us in need of a solution to these existing problems.
Cross-platform app


We built a cross-platform app which can be accessed both online and offline. We provided a solution with Meteor.js, Angular 2, D3.js and Cordova. The application helped our customer to see employee data per location, or per city or depending on the size of their markets. It shows data such as Ramp Up, Ramp Down, and the types of employees – C Level, Management Level, Contract workers, Interns and more. This data helped them to focus more on outlets which performed less and implement measures to push their revenues.
cross-platform app development
Johannes Merkel

Johannes Merkel

Manager, Goetzpartners

Neoito did a great job in delivering the promised result in a time critical implementation of a web & iPad application!

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