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City Weekly is a Utah-based publication company. You'll find news, reviews, ads, and offers catering exclusively to Utahns, on their website. This is made possible by partnering with a long list of channel partners who make the website a great platform for Utahns to stay updated.

Apart from news and reviews, their channel partners help local businesses advertise on the platform, which helps both customers and businesses in the area. Customers could easily buy vouchers and coupons from City Weekly and redeem them at their respective stores.

The business model at City Weekly was helpful and convenient for Utahns until the pandemic hit.

The Need

For almost a decade, City Weekly along with its channel partners had helped create a platform for businesses to reach more customers through vouchers, coupons, and other promotional offers.

One major advantage that businesses had using City Weekly was the opportunity to advertise their offers without any upfront costs to publish them. As customers purchase these vouchers from the platform, a percentage of the amount will be taken by the platform.

While the platform was still useful to the community, they quickly realized some major flaws in the system that could seriously affect their business.

  1. City Weekly found a major bottleneck in its existing model: it significantly reduced the merchant's involvement in the advertising process. In the existing system, merchants could only provide the ads to their channel partners who then published them on their page on the City Weekly platform.
  2. The platform wasn't designed for scalability; it was built over a decade, with much of its offerings limited to the initial model of channel partner tie-ups.
  3. Their legacy platform had very limited functionality coupled with a back-office that handled all the new merchant requests. Tasked with adding merchants, managing their inventory, and adding individual store locations, the system was dated and required some very needed updates.

The Challenge

With a decade-old model slowly phasing out in its effectiveness to help local businesses in their advertising efforts, City Weekly was ready for a major update.

We were tasked with three main challenges that could potentially pivot the platform into a much more user-friendly system for both merchants and users.

  • We needed to transform the existing channel partner-customer system into a clearly defined merchant-customer platform where customers could interact with merchants directly.
  • Setup a feature-rich merchant portal, user portal, and a strong back office to connect merchants to customers effortlessly.
  • Create a customer credit system where users could easily buy store credits and redeem them at the store of the customer's choosing.

Our Solution

CWikX was born out of the need to build a highly user-friendly platform that helped merchants and users get the maximum benefits from the platform. In addition to creating an immersive UI, the new version of City Weekly has specifically designed portals for merchants, users, and back-office.

The platform has shifted to a more merchant-customer-friendly model encouraging businesses to create offers that customers love to look into. This was made possible by creating a four-tier platform with separate feature lists based on the type of users.

Merchant App

For the first time, merchants can directly post their ads and offers to their customers. On their custom merchant page, they could update their store details, add multiple store locations and provide a list of offerings that customers could easily buy and redeem.

Back Office App

Collecting store information and adding them to the platform took a lot of steps in the past. Even with a merchant's approval, the advertising permit was solely dependent on channel partners. With the new back-office app, new stores can be added and their inventory managed without delay, all with a streamlined process to get them approved quickly than ever before.

Customer App

The platform wanted to give more power to the customer, so in addition to the standard promotional features like vouchers and coupons, CWikX introduced a new credit system for customers - the CWikcoin wallet. With it, customers could buy store credits and redeem them either through a store's redemption app or straight from their phones.

Merchant Redemption App

This feature is extremely useful when customers can't visit the physical store locations to purchase their products. Through a merchant redemption app, customers can add money to their customer wallet which they can use to buy any product on the platform, or they can redeem previously bought CWikcoin to complete the purchase as well.

Redeeming CWikcoins comes with no extra payment which basically means there is nothing spent in transaction charges. Also, if the customer pays through the merchant redemption app, the transaction charges are kept lower than normal card transaction rates. This ensures every customer gets a reduced bill every time they buy through the app.

Our Impact

The new CWikX platform is extremely mobile-friendly, making the app experience great for everyone involved in a sale.

Since the platform has an extensive features list, merchants get the flexibility to buy just the features that are most beneficial to them. Similarly, customers can search for the merchants of their choice and either buy via their customer wallets or redeem CWikX coins. Finally, the platform's back office now manages new store requests effortlessly, connecting businesses all across Utah for an immersive customer experience.

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