We mostly write about technology, design, latest trends and innovations in mobile and web development. Mostly pertaining to the Javascript stack, Angular, Node.js, and Nativescript technologies. Occasionally, we do write about sales hacks, marketing and anything under the sun.

SMALL is the new big

Many of us start off with big intentions to do big things. I’m a person who loves to dream big....
02 Mar 2017, Abhilash Anandan
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10 Things I learned - enter...

Well, this article “has been long overdue.” That sums up a lot of things that happens in your early 20’s....
28 Jan 2017, Abhilash Anandan
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Top 5 reasons to use Meteor.js

Over 70% of our customers come back to us for subsequent projects. And lately, we’ve been talking to them about...
03 Jan 2017, Abhilash Anandan
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