I'M, Suralal

Suralal is one of the most humble people you will ever come across. He has excelled as a software architect having worked with some amazing startups and enterprises. One of his standout qualities is his helping mentality. You can always approach him with your problems no matter how busy he is.

He is very health conscious and regularly involves himself in sporting activities like volleyball and cricket to stay in shape.

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Wrench AI is a business intelligence and data analytics tool that predicts potential customers for a business. We built the frontend Vue code and the backend with flask (python). We also developed tools that aided in ETL for the data engineering team.


Lawli, a humanized legal assistant bot, brings low- cost document processing services to the businesses with our document summarizing tool


A CRM exclusively made for lenders and loan officers, the DailyAI Mortgage CRM harnesses the power of AI to help lenders simplify their lead management.


I can create high-quality SPA web applications, based on modern and powerful platforms Node.js, React, Angular.

AI Training Bot

A personal physical training tracking device with the help of Computer vision and machine learning.


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