I'M, Jayakrishnan

Ever the worker, never the sleeper, JK's love for all code has seen him master multiple technologies. So if there's any new and exciting tech out there, then you can bet JK's all over it. FYI, you can find him giving out useful coding tips and hacks under his alter ego, thatcoder.

JK is a big fan of Sci-FI movies and Tech series. When he's not coding, you can find him bingeing with a bowl of popcorn.

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Wrench AI is a business intelligence and data analytics tool that predicts potential customers for a business. We built the frontend Vue code and the backend with flask (python). We also developed tools that aided in ETL for the data engineering team.


Lawli, a humanized legal assistant bot, brings low- cost document processing services to the businesses with our document summarizing tool


A CRM exclusively made for lenders and loan officers, the DailyAI Mortgage CRM harnesses the power of AI to help lenders simplify their lead management.


I can create high-quality SPA web applications, based on modern and powerful platforms Node.js, React, Angular.


Waitwhile is a solution from Google's Growth Product Manager for queue management, booking management, CRM and analytics packaged into a single platform.


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